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The 13th April 2013 on the long night of the museum there were many art lovers in Hamburg that twittered via an outdoor screen on the “gallery of the present” (Galerie der Gegenwart). Bocatec installed the big projection.

53 museums and exhibition halls in Hamburger opened their doors between 6pm and 2am for multisided program: exhibitions, guided tours, culinary events, music, dance and film. For the first time in 13 art nights the visitors could share their program tips with everyone live on a huge, specially installed Twitter wall. Bocatec installed the 30 x 20m big projection on an outside wall of the “gallery of the present”.


A very fascinating way of applying laser technics is the combination of the light beams with dancers. Suddenly the laser beam takes the center of a breathtaking show and becomes part itself of a surprising performance. This laser dance is so novel and seldom that every spectator is fascinated.

Dancing with the laser…
If laser and human are dancing together and influence each other, a symbiosis of the special kind develops. The laser can create rooms on the dance floor, build up walls and draw lines, where the dancer moves. A really impressive laser dance is also a product of a perfect choreography. The dancer has to move simultaneously to the music and the laser movements. For the illusion of complete control of the laser beam and the laser animations, the dancer has to touch and release the laser beam at the right time. Of course it’s also possible that the dancer deflects the laser beam with mirrors and creates new effects. Such a dance with the laser demands a lot dancing skills and full concentration. The laser intensifies or even emphasizes the movements of the dancer.

As a special highlight the laser dancers could be equipped with radio-DMX controlled hand lases in order to send out the beams themselves. Unique effects are possible.

If you are looking for an extraordinary dancing performance or if you envision a very special show act, a laser dance is our advice. The moves of live and laser in thrilling interaction haven’t been shown often in this form. For sure the dance with the laser is something new, that inspires and electrifies.


PONG – the computer game sensation from the 70ies experienced a spectacular revival in September 2013. Bocatec projected the digital Ping-Pong game live onto a facade of the future gas and steam power station on the banks of the Elbe close to Wedel.


The network „Gamecity Hamburg“ initiated together with the energy company Vattenfall the worldwide biggest projection of the computer game PONG. Bocatec supported the bright projection on the surface of 700 m² of the game that was additionally streamed live. Two projectors, each with 15.000 ANSI Lumen power glamorized the sharp soft edge projection. The single pictures of the two beamers became then one big picture on the power plant facade thanks to a special video software. The beamers in outdoor housing projected from a 4m high layher rack onto the facade. Bocatec also cared for the internet connection via satellite and for the online access to the game. Two IP cameras provided the live picture of the projection.

During the days from 4th to 18th September 2013 the gigantic projection should take more attention on the site Hamburg-Wedel and the power plant, that will be brought on line in  2017. The new innovation power plant Wedel will start a new area of energy supply. In contrast PONG looks back on a time that was also the beginning of new times. The industry initiative Gamecity concentrates 140 companies from the gaming industry. They rose a lot attention for their industry and the energy and warmth producer Vattenfall with the creative event. TV and press reported about the unusual live projection, which has chances to get into the Guinness book of world records.

Under pong fans from around the globe can play the biggest pong competition online against each other, even after the projection. Have fun PONGING!


The speed of a music piece is measured in “beats per minute”. More than 60 “people per hour” passed the laser game „Maze Mission“ on the BPM trade show in Birmingham from 14th to 16th September 2013. The company Interactive Lasergames surprised and thrilled all visitors without exception with their innovative game. So the trade show organizers nominated the “best booth” of the BPM fair.


The BPM is UK wide the biggest event for event technics, DJing and music production. Since 2007 DJs, producers, artists, club owners and provides of event technics meet annually on over 8500 square meters in Birmingham. This year the show was bursting at the seams with 8000 visitors. The people came not only to network and to see the latest news, workshops, seminars, several live acts and parties through the night made the trade fair a real experience.

Maze Mission sets new trade show benchmark

The ultimate highlight of the BPM was offered by the Interactive Lasergames booth. At many booths the visitors could test and try the latest event technology themselves. But the Maze Mission booth demands full body effort. On 80 m² Interactive Lasergame put up its game Maze Mission to give a game experience of a special kind to the crowd. Every visitor was invited to enter the 30 m long and dark laser course through a huge tiger mouth.  In 3 different game zones 40 red, green and blue laser beams had to be overcome or catched. Some video cameras broadcasted the performance of each player on screens to the outside. The other waiting gamers and audience could thus observe every single step of the laser player inside. A big fun, because almost nobody is as smart and elegant around laser beams as Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Instead some sturdy and unfearful gamer just crawled below the beams. No wonder that small and big visitors love this fun game and form long queues in front of Maze Mission to test it themselves. Everybody wants to proof his speediness and smartness.


Maze Mission on tour
Such an overwhelming enthusiasm could Interactive Lasergames hardly imagine before the trade show. And it became even better: The organization team of the partner trade show in Paris invited Maze Mission to come to their show in 2014. Interactive Lasergames will present the game there for free and thrill the visitors for sure.

 „DHL – Die Haben Lohndumping“ (they do minimum wages) this clear statement against scandalizing and precarious working conditions at DHL the 100% subsidiary of the German POST war projected militantly by Bocatec for the labor union ver.di onto the façade of the Congress Center Hamburg.


At the 6th November the national work council of the German Post AG held a meeting in Hamburg. The boss of the company, Dr. Frank Appel faced not only 620 members of the work council but was also impressively criticized for the massive minimum wages and bad working conditions of the DHL subsidiary.

The united service work council (ver.di) engaged the projection experts from Bocatec to put up the blatantly obvious statement „Fair instead of precarious“. From 18 – 19pm Bocatec projected a 20 seconds loop of the motto „DHL – Die Haben Lohndumping“  with the help of a 14W RGB Piko Laser onto the 120 m high house wall of the CCH. A brave and very fast action, just two days before came the order, just 10 minutes before the projection, Bocatec put up the projectors.

The widely visible protest-projection should denunciate especially the insupportable conditions at the DHL Express Germany GmbH. Working times of up to 70 hours per week and hourly earnings of around 5 Euro are a DHL standard. Since 2006 the delivery is furthermore outsourced and so the contractors are out of the rate regulations. Like this the DHL saves full-time workplaces that are liable to insurance deductions and passes on the business risk to the contractors. These drawbacks should be clearly marked, so the target of the mission.

The regional head of the postal services, transport and logistics and ver.di-man Lars-Uwe Rieck war heavily thrilled by the successful Bocatec laser projection and the short-tern, cool and straightforward realization of the action. Bocatec was very happy to apply its laser technics this time so gladiatorial and proverbial demonstrative.

As a permanent present for the 725th city anniversary of Düsseldorf, the biggest homeland club of the city – the Dusseldorf Jonges – gave new, spectacular birth to the water monument “den Jrönen Jong”. Bocatec therefor wrapped the over hundred years old sculpture of the river god Triton into an egg-shaped water artwork.

Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-7
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-4
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-6
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-8
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-10
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-2

The „Jonges“ disproved with their extraordinary present that homeland clubs only know old traditions. The club with 2500 members thought for a long time about a suiting present for the jubilee of the city. The genius and original installation combines skillfully the closeness to the home city and artwork and is a great balancing act between tradition and modernity. The 3m high monument in the water basin at the end of the Reitallee was created in 1899 by Joseph Hammerschmidt and represents the river god Triton, who is interrupted by a hippy during his lunch. The Jonges would like to also raise the awareness of the other 70 monuments in Düsseldorf by trying out creative ways of presentation. The “Jrönen Jong” is now a perfect example for that.

The mega present
The „Jröne Jong“ inside the Hofgarten now stands in the middle of „fight of the fountains“ every evening. Around 80 water jets are arranged in a 6m circle around the monument. These jets are controlled by three pumps with 8KW power each and play with and against each other. The water beams can be continuously adjusted up to 7 m height. Through the loops of the water beams towards the middle a 5m high water egg comes out. Additionally the whole construction is illuminated by 42 LEDs a 180 Watt and shines in different colors. Under this water egg the “Jröne Jong” optically is virtually cleared away. The production enchants over 15 minutes long every spectator and is played in loop again and again.

Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-1
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-9
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-5
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-3
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-6

The installation
The way to the finished artwork was thus long. First Bocatec had to measure the monument with the help of a rubber boat. The crown for the water supply and three LED lights were then mounted into the basin around the monument with a crane. Four full days Bocatec worked frenetically. The water circle had to have a diameter of six meter. The results satisfy and are an eye candy for all park visitors and passerbys. Bocatec is already looking forward to the next spectacular staging of further monuments.



Passerbys in Munich’s train station, on the Salvator place, the Odeon’s place and in the  Sonnenstrasse were amazed the 19th November „einfachmachen“ (simply do). With this motto Microsoft roughed up the city with several guerilla actions for the launch of the new office package 365.

Microsoft hashtags in guerilla mode
Cheeky gorillas distributed bananas downtown and sprayed the hashtag #einfachmachen everywhere with chalk color onto streets and walls. Inside the train station a man weightlessly floated in front of a hashtag billboard. Bocatec threw the motto via video projection ultra large onto house walls. #Einfachmachen stands for the idea of new, mobile working in the cloud, that nothing can stop you from. With Office 365 every user should let his thoughts wander freely everywhere and on every device – unleashed and free. Representatively for the guild of new working several literature and creative bloggers met for a creative competition around #einfachmachen and tested the new possibilities of Office 365.


Bocatec works hypermobile
That computer towers, fix work stations and limited access to relevant documents don’t fit into the digital age, is also the opinion of Bocatec. Engaged by DL-Kommunikation the two Bocatec boys sprinted through Munich to put the message demonstratively in scene. With a 15.000 ANSI-Lumen beamer, two coupled generators and a special video software for geometric correction the commando was: „Transporter door open!”, “generators on!”, “beamer go!” and after 10-15 minutes head to the next location!“ So quick and convincingly Bocatec itself transacted the motto of the day with a surprise effect.

Bocatec „simply does“ make customers happy
Microsoft was impressed how much is visible on a house wall. Within the next weeks, Bocatec will immediately sit together and talk to the customer about the next Guerilla actions.


On Saturday evening the 23rd November the highest building of Germany, the Berlin television, became projection surface for Greenpeace and Bocatec. With the lettering „Save the Arctic“ Greenpeace appealed to the Russian investigative authorities to withdraw their charge against 28 Greenpeace activists and two Bild journalists.

Bocatec on the highest building of Germany
For the laser projection on the 368 meter high television tower Bocatec rented an extra hotel room. Two 20W RGB laser wrote then one hour long the message Save the Arcticin a loop on the tower. But then the police discovered the projector location and asked Bocatec to stop the action.


The story behind the mega projection
The 18th September 2013 Greenpeace activists wanted to fix a poster at the oil offshore platform  Prirazlomnaya in the Petschora sea. For this platform operated by Gazprom exists no sufficient emergency plans for a potential oil accident. It is the first platform in the arctic that should convey oil on a grand scale. Due to the rough weather conditions, every bigger oil accident can lead to an environmental disaster.

The peaceful protest action for the arctic that is threatened by climate change and industrialization ended then other than expected. The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise and 30 activists got arrested by the Russian authorities by force without further ado. More than two month later indeed 28 of the „Arctic 30“ are at large on bail, but they are still threatened by multi-year imprisonments. Against this procedure Greenpeace now protest with manifold support, amongst others very public-oriented on the television tower with the help of Bocatec.

Save the Arctic“ extremely visible and effectual
The projection was a raving success for Greenpeace. Thousands of passerby people gazed at the tower and thus are perhaps now interested to learn about the backgrounds. Everyone who wants to support the release and freedom of Arctic 30 can write a message to the Russian authorities:

Bocatec is looking forward to the next eye-catching and brave action with Geenpeace, other projects are already planned.