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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Light Technology

Bocatec price and effect overview

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Expressive lighting technology for your event

As specialist for light- and laser technics we offer a broad range of light effects for your event. Use our long-term experience, so that your event will gleam in perfect light with the suiting technology. Our light technics equipment is always perfectly maintained and consists of latest technology material.

Besides moving heads and moving lights we also provide a program of stroboscopes and LED technics. This needs of course a professional light control by our PHOENIX show controller. We also serve black light or UV light for shiny effects in the darkness. Finally our disco ball reflects the light effects everywhere.

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Pictures our light technology

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LED IP67 Outdoor Pars rental, dry hire
GrandMA Fullsize for rental
Sharpy Movinghead
Special Effects and LED Screens
Phoenix Showcontroller Software
Huge Light & Show equipment
Beam Movingheads for rental
Lightequipment for Rental
Lightequipment for Rental
Lightequipment for Rental
Laser & Light Show
Laser & Light Show
Skybeams - Movingheads
Movingheads - Beams Movingheads
Light installation in Germany
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