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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Fog, confetti & special effects

Bocatec price and effect overview

You can find all information off the current rent prices here.

Fog machine rent or buy

Fog provides the right atmosphere on your event. It could be a mood maker on the dance floor, a special effect or a medium for projections. Fog is an all-round talent and always an eye-catcher.

Here an overview of the fog systems available via Bocatec.

MDG ATMe Hazer

MDG ATMe Hazer, probably the world’s best and most professional Hazer in the world.

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LED Fogger

The LED fogger works like a CO2 effect. Controllable via: – DMX-512, 16 million colors are possible!

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The fog- and wind machines are mounted inside a case.

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Shock-Fog im Case

This fog machine is controlled via DMX.

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Hazer by Hazebase in case

Effect fog

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Floor fog machine

With tube on dry ice basis

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Le Maitre Freezefog Pro

Effect floor fog machine

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The fog wall is a projection screen on basis of an ultrasonic-air-humidifier.

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Confetti cannon rent or buy

Shoot for a special enthusiasm thrill of your guests up to 50 meters wide confetti, golden stripes or colorful circles in the celebrating crowd.

Magic FX Stadium Shot

Up to 50m output, confetti or streamer, 70 Kg total weight, 2-3 Kg Confetti-capacity

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Magic FX Stadium Shot X-treme

Up to 20m output of confetti and 35m for streamers (50m for stage streamers), 157Kg total weight, 4-6Kg confetti capture capacity

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Magic FX Confetti Gun

Up to 20m output of Confetti or Streamer, 5.5 Kg total weight, 3 units of capacity

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1-shelf confetti shooter

Up to 8m output, electronically ignitable via DMX, for streamer or confetti

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4-shelf confetti shooter

Up to 8m output, electronically ignitable via DMX, for streamer or confetti

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Magic FX Swirl Fan XL

Up to 5m radius output, on / off or DMX controllable by dimmer, confetti, paper snow, 3-4 kg capacity

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CO2 effects rent or buy

CO2 jets attract all attention when they shoot up their fountains loudly and surprisingly. They have a cooling and refreshing effect. The CO2 mist fountains can also be used with RGB LED lighting and make your show a special highlight.

CO2 Gun

High output up to 8 meters shot directly from the hand.

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Co2 Gun

CO2 Dominator

5in1 effect! 5 individual fountains can be adjusted in different directions or can act as a large CO2 cloud. (Up to 20m output)

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Co2 kanone mieten

CO2 Power Jet

The Power Jet provides an output of up to 20m

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Co2 power jet mieten

CO2 Jet

The classic – The CO2 Jet delivers a fascinating effect, especially in larger numbers, with CO2 smoke columns up to 8 meters.

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co2 jet mieten

Pictures of our fog, confetti & special effects

Fog equipment for rental
Outdoor High Power Fog Machines
Outdoor High Power Fog Machines
Ground Fog
Fogwall - Fogscreen
MDG ATMe Haze Machine
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