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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Fire on the ice – Christmas at the Hafencity Hamburg

The beautiful Christmas market on the Überseeboulevard at the Hafencity Hamburg inspired also in 2017 ist visitors with the huge natural skating rink, Christmassy goodies and many more highlights. Of course our solemn opening show on the ice with laser, snow and fireworks again had to be part of the program.

The 30th of November at 6 in the evening finally the time had come – the Christmas market in the Hafencity opened up. Dr. Claudia Weise from the management of the quarters together with pastor Frank Engelbrecht from the main church St. Katharinen greeted the guests. Two white angles welcomed the invited guests and all other citizens of Hamburg, that gathered around the 240 m² frozen surface, with their magical chants.

Weihnachtsmarkteröffnung Überseequartier Hafencity Hamburg 2017 from Bocatec on Vimeo.

From hot to cold – the Christmas Show

After this contemplative introduction we started our spectacular Christmas show with laser light, sparkling magic and snow flurry. Dancers twirled over the ice rink accompanied by colored laser beams. Our new snow gun and arcane floor fog created a wonderful winter mood and mingled snowflakes, ice dancers and the audience. The traverses around the skating rink and a traverse circle above the middle of the frozen surface was fully packed with our show technics: three RTI Piko 14 RGB laser projectors for the laser show, six Sparkular Falls and four standing Sparkulars for the magical spark shower and above all also a small firework to get for sure a “Wow!”– effect from the spectators.

Winterwonderland in Hamburg

Until the end of December they now say: dreamlike setting in the Hafencity, hot spiced wine and culinary deliciousness inside the Christmas lounge and on the outdoor couches, ice skating and the fairy tale Peter Pan on the ice, ice stock sport between the luminous Pegasus and the brilliant Christmas tree and every day opening up a wicket at the Christmas calendar to win prizes. For sure St Nicholas also brings something for us on the 6th of December, because who spreads such a great Christmas mood, is really more than good!