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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

Bocatec price and effect overview

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Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

Pyro effects are the flamy, shiny highlight of every event. No matter if the event is small or big, indoor or outdoor – a perfectly balanced, hot effect magic with pyro technics leaves impression. Our latest technology runs also properly in small spaces.

Fountains & Jets

Fiery fountains can serve as central effect or in the background of a show. Our fountains are usable indoor and outdoor depending on their height.

  • Fountain row up to 8m high
  • Turning effects up to 4m high
  • Central effects 10 -15 m high

Fiery fountains expand every laser show

We use only high-quality and tested pyrotechnics. The combination of fire, pyrotechnics and laser beams creates special moments and makes every show to a very special highlight! We program the pyro effects to the music and bring you to the astonishment.


Our gas flamer can be adjusted continuously for a fire output from 1 up to 6m. Depending on the gas pressure fire balls or flame columns can be shoot out. The maximal flaming time is 10 seconds per shot.


The flamers are coordinated via a flamer control also possible via DMX. The gas consumption of our flamers is very economical and enables with up to 1.000 shots per gas bottle a quite cheap operation!


The X2-Power-Flame is a special effect device with an extreme flame height of up to 20 meters.

This flame projector is fueled by standard propane- / butane- gas bottles, and uses nitrogen to create the needed pressure.

The X2-Power-Flame can be controlled via radio, as well as DMX, and be added to an automated show very easily.



Theater Flashes

To set creative accents theater flashes and similar small bang- and fountain effects are especially suited. We offer a broad choice for all customer desires.



Fire Bowls & Torches

For a classy ambient light at a romantic place and day, our flame bowls and torches are the right choice.

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CO2 Jets

CO2 jets attract all attention when shooting up their fountains loudly and surprisingly.

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With the Bocatec confetti shooters, you’ll get a flashy accent and surprising highlights in your show.

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Pictures of our Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

Firework & pyrotechnic
Rental Flamemaster, GX2, Flame Thrower, Flame Projector, Gas Projector
Fire Deco Equipment
Fire Deco Equipment
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Flame Effects
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