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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Confetti Shooter

Bocatec price and effect overview

You can find all information off the current rent prices here.

Confetti effects

Confetti for every size of event

The Bocatec confetti shooters set magical accents and surprising highlights in your show. Starting from the small confetti bang up to the big, colorful flitter fountain all is possible. For the special ecstasy push of your guest shoot confetti hearts, gold stripes or colored circles up to 8m into the celebrating crowd.


Do you love massive conffeti-effects? Let the crowd go crazy with our “stadium-shot”. The powerful shots can reach up to 50m with streamers and 30m with confetti. We can deliver the right size for the right situation. Rent our systems for small gala-events or huge sportevents, concerts or festivals.
In addition to that it is possible to print costum confetti. Get your logo or designt in the middle of your guests.


Our big choice of confetti technics is ready for your individual desires. The electrical confetti launching pads (1-folda 4-fold) are optionally operated via pyro pult, DMX or SMPTE-time-code (via an external PC).

Pictures of our confetti cannons

Elektronische Kanonen