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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

The hot dance with the laser

A very fascinating way of applying laser technics is the combination of the light beams with dancers. Suddenly the laser beam takes the center of a breathtaking show and becomes part itself of a surprising performance. This laser dance is so novel and seldom that every spectator is fascinated.

Dancing with the laser…
If laser and human are dancing together and influence each other, a symbiosis of the special kind develops. The laser can create rooms on the dance floor, build up walls and draw lines, where the dancer moves. A really impressive laser dance is also a product of a perfect choreography. The dancer has to move simultaneously to the music and the laser movements. For the illusion of complete control of the laser beam and the laser animations, the dancer has to touch and release the laser beam at the right time. Of course it’s also possible that the dancer deflects the laser beam with mirrors and creates new effects. Such a dance with the laser demands a lot dancing skills and full concentration. The laser intensifies or even emphasizes the movements of the dancer.

As a special highlight the laser dancers could be equipped with radio-DMX controlled hand lases in order to send out the beams themselves. Unique effects are possible.

If you are looking for an extraordinary dancing performance or if you envision a very special show act, a laser dance is our advice. The moves of live and laser in thrilling interaction haven’t been shown often in this form. For sure the dance with the laser is something new, that inspires and electrifies.