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Since 1931 the real estate broker GUSTAFSEN & CO feels obliged to care for the hanseatic tradition. The enterprise deals with high-class city mansions, houses and freehold apartments. Bocatec enchanted the inhabitants of Hamburg in this winter already for the second time by the colorful illumination and laser snowing of the Villa Gustafsen.

Villa Gustafsen in snow from Bocatec on Vimeo.

In the city districts around the Alster (Harvestehude/Rotherbaum, Winterhude, Eppendorf, Uhlenhorst) as well as in the Elbe suburbs GUSTAFSEN & CO is a successful and good address for owners that want to sell their high-quality real estate. The traditional company also offers fair, personal and professional real estate management.

Within the pre-christmas period Gustafsen delights its customers and all passerbys now with a special

snow happening

. Starting the St Nicholas’ Day and running until the 26th of December the Villa Gustafsen will be snowed over with the help of four laser projectors by Bocatec. The flakes trickle made of light over the dignified face of the building as they were real. The

snow fun

takes place every evening from 4-10 pm. Additionally the villa is illuminated in shiny colors. A spectacle for old and young that brings in Christmas mood and makes the villa the sparkling center of the street.

Bocatec installed the technics so that the snow event runs completely without personal, thus self-sufficient and automatically.

Not only the staff and the management of Gustafsen are fascinated by the beautiful atmosphere, also the Hamburg people love the illumination made by Bocatec.



The 22. June 2014 a very special bathing experience thrills the young and old visitors of the Baltic Sea Resorts in Damp. The new discoverer spa has some surprises to offer. On the ceiling of the indoor swimming pool Bocatec created as highlight a 3D polar sky, which can now be admired by everyone.

Polar lights in discoverer spa from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The modern discoverer spa does not only promise fun and action but also wants its visitors to discover the culture and nature of the Baltic Sea. For example the kids can experiment and research themselves in the adventure children’s pool. Several discovery, science and event cubes and a gorgeous view onto the real Sea invite to be amazed. Even the 29° degree warm inside pool is shaped like the Baltic Sea. A sauna Viking village with sprinkles of water on the heated stone, herbal and event actions, a 97 meter long slide with light projections and LED effects and the event catering for spa and sauna visitors leave no wish unfulfilled.

Polar light live and in color
Unique and the very special eye-catcher is the polar light on the spa ceiling. Surprisingly realistic the 3D polar sky enchants the spa guest. The complex laser projection was installed permanently by Bocatec for the discovery bath. Different polar sky variations were programmed. In the evening hours the polar light appears on the spa ceiling. A great idea. Bocatec wishes much success and thrilled discoverers.

Polarlight - Nordlight
Polar Projektion Schwimmbad
Laserhimmel Projektion

Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt
Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt
Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt

Lübeck, august 2012: On the occasion of the opening of the furniture store KABS in Lübeck Bocatec projected a guerilla marketing logo by order of the agency Orange Cube Werbeagentur GmbH. The projection was done with a Piko 14 RGB laser onto the holsten gate (Holstentor), the furniture shop Kabs and the roof of the Petri church.


On the occasion of the harbor birthday Hamburg 2012 Bocatec projected an animated lettering on the bow side of the ship Cap San Diego. Also due to this extraordinary XXL advertising, the “Cap San Disco” party was a huge success. More attention is not possible.

Besides the worldwide biggest ship launching ceremony with four AIDA ships and a giant firework, the HAEVENSDOOR event agency celebrated its 20th jubilee on the Cap San Diego. The invited guest, the rubbernecks and the passerbys could read on the ship wall that the DFB-final was broadcasted live inside the ship.

Thanks to this genius and inviting advertising, the party was a big success. According to the motto: „A wall is a screen“ Bocatec projected with selected video- and laser technics. In his case our RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser worked from a 70 meter distance. It is excellently suited for text lines and logo projections on large scale. From up to 300 meter distance a projection is possible. Pin sharp graphics and animations appear on any surface. Buildings are a perfect medium but also ships or mountains could be the target.

Could a message be displayed more titanic?

Completely without articial snow or snow cannon Bocatec heralded snow magic also in mild winter nights – with laser snowflakes! On a house facade of a chancellery in Hamburg the virtual snow fell despite the warm temperature.

In collaboration with Nordlight-Events Bocatec cared for the laser snow sprinkling in January 2011 – for a highlight in dark times of the year. Four 1,6W RGB lasers made the permanent snowfall of white laser-flakes possible. The outside walls of the villa were additionally illuminated in beautiful colors. In the video you can see how realistic the programming of the laser let the snowflakes fall around the windows and doors. Such a laser event awakes winter feelings and is THE nighty winter wonder in every neighborhood.

During the soccer world championship 2006 the shiny blue goals decorated the cityscape of Hamburg for 4 weeks. As eye-catches the 165 light installations got Hamburg in the mood for the mega event. Every night Bocatec shoot laser beams symbolically onto the goals and hit the mark without end.


165 goals for Hamburg
The Blue Goals lightened up the entire Hamburg because many companies put up their own blue goal. Amongst others the goals shined from the building of ECE project management, the publishing house Gruner + Jahr, the Axel-Springer-building, the airport  Hamburg, the central mosque or from the hotel Atlantic. One blue Goal overstretched even the rail tracks of the Hamburg subway near the St. Pauli-gangways, so that the trains of the line „U3“ drove through the goal. The biggest goal with 50 x 80 m was installed by Blohm + Voss at the dry dock. Even the Hamburg Miniature Wonderland put up a mini goal inside its exhibition.

Bocatec kicks and scores
Eight laser locations on the highest buildings and urban emblems of Hamburg were reserved for Bocatec. From these the Bocatec laser experts fired every night from 11pm on for one hour laser beams onto the goals that were up to 4 km distance away. From the Mundsburg towers in the center of Hamburg the lasers reached almost every goal. Thanks to Bocatec Hamburg got countless direct hits. Even inside the famous touristic attraction – the Miniature Wonderland Bocatec installed two lasers for the mini goals and thus delighted the visitors. As special highlight the artist Michael Batz could also control the laser beams via sms himself.

The next world championship will come for sure
The 30th September 2006, after the crazy soccer summer, Hamburg bid solemnly farewell to the lovely blue light goals. After a concert and a firework above the Alster Bocatec looks forward to the next huge event in Hamburg.

To put a logo oversized on house fronts, monuments, trees or mountains is always a great and catchy performance. Branding in XXL format reaches not only many eyes but also communicates the brand in a new and surprising way. Bocatec is pleased to realize those mammoth logo projections like this for the Gamescom in Cologne.

In august 2012 five days games, fun and excitement were the focus on the world’s largest trade show for interactive gaming and entertainment. By order of the agency Orange Cube Werbeagentur GmbH Bocatec projected advertising messages of a game producer on the walls at the water front near the Rhine. The dramatic guerilla action took around one hour. Applied were a Piko 14 and the software control Phoenix4 ProPlus show controller. A strong action with big effect, that Bocatec realizes for every brave brand.

How do you place a beer bottle onto a skyscraper?

No problem for Bocatec. In order to promote the beer brand Heineken extensively on a 120 meter high building, Bocatec flew to Da Nang via Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. We packed our new AV-Stumpfl Wings Vioso computer units for video mapping and 5 BARCO beamers with 26.000 AnsiLumen. On the 25th April 2013 the Heineken logo outshined the city and made some Vietnamese very thirsty for sure.

See yourself…