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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Bocatec creates polar sky for discoverer spa

The 22. June 2014 a very special bathing experience thrills the young and old visitors of the Baltic Sea Resorts in Damp. The new discoverer spa has some surprises to offer. On the ceiling of the indoor swimming pool Bocatec created as highlight a 3D polar sky, which can now be admired by everyone.

Polar lights in discoverer spa from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The modern discoverer spa does not only promise fun and action but also wants its visitors to discover the culture and nature of the Baltic Sea. For example the kids can experiment and research themselves in the adventure children’s pool. Several discovery, science and event cubes and a gorgeous view onto the real Sea invite to be amazed. Even the 29° degree warm inside pool is shaped like the Baltic Sea. A sauna Viking village with sprinkles of water on the heated stone, herbal and event actions, a 97 meter long slide with light projections and LED effects and the event catering for spa and sauna visitors leave no wish unfulfilled.

Polar light live and in color
Unique and the very special eye-catcher is the polar light on the spa ceiling. Surprisingly realistic the 3D polar sky enchants the spa guest. The complex laser projection was installed permanently by Bocatec for the discovery bath. Different polar sky variations were programmed. In the evening hours the polar light appears on the spa ceiling. A great idea. Bocatec wishes much success and thrilled discoverers.

Polarlight - Nordlight
Polar Projektion Schwimmbad
Laserhimmel Projektion