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Water magic at Muscat Festival in Oman

To this solemn, cultural and artistic extra class event international guests are invided who are enchanted by the entertaining top program. For several weeks the festival of colors touched its visitors with wonderful effects, performances and especially with its symphony of music and water fountains.

The latest high-tech water technics framed amongst others the events of the Oman Heritage and Cultural Village. Besides concerts and music acts there was also the international festival for arts & creativity, the Oman Food Festival, the Muscat fashion week and the traditional boat racing statt. Even a bike race, the Tour of Oman, is part of the festival.

The water fountains rose up to 70 meters into the festival sky and with all rainbow colors they moved the hearts of the thrilled spectators. Amazed and touched the audience from all over the world listened to the sound of the top class music that played synchronously tot he water effects. An unforgettable and emotional fire work made of water and music that crowned the festival.