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In Mai suddenly thunder, lightning and rain gathered inside the chamber of commerce in Hamburg – a thunderstorm of laser in front of a huge water screen. There was really tension in the air at this evening because an innovative middle class company presented its latest innovation to the 500 invited guests.

Laser show with water wall von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

The completely new developed product completes the broad competence range of the system supplier. Therewith the company does not only revolutionize the market within this division, but also exceeded all expectations with the fulminant laser show and the water wall in Hamburg.

Second show

Bocatec staged for the customer already the company jubilee in 2014. This time the customer wanted an 80 m² water screen for video projections in addition to the impressive laser show. Another challenge for Bocatec: finding the right music for the whole show, cutting and programming it synchronously to the show effects.

rofessional water and laser technology

After the first claps of thunder and lightnings a 10m wide and 8m high water screen spanned in front of the stage. It was recorded with videos from the backside with three 15.000 ANSI-Lumen video projectors. Five colored and illuminated water fountains shot from the stage up into the air. 13 RGB laser with all together 200W white light power, 6 fog machines, a MGD hazer, 20 sharpys and 8 SGM Q7 flood lights fulminated together with the selected music and got the audience in a flap. Bocatec controlled the whole show via the PHOENIX show controller. The trend-setting product and the futuristic show elements fitted perfectly together and thrilled the spectators of the laser and water show. The customer was very happy about the felicitous market entry.



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To this solemn, cultural and artistic extra class event international guests are invided who are enchanted by the entertaining top program. For several weeks the festival of colors touched its visitors with wonderful effects, performances and especially with its symphony of music and water fountains.

The latest high-tech water technics framed amongst others the events of the Oman Heritage and Cultural Village. Besides concerts and music acts there was also the international festival for arts & creativity, the Oman Food Festival, the Muscat fashion week and the traditional boat racing statt. Even a bike race, the Tour of Oman, is part of the festival.

The water fountains rose up to 70 meters into the festival sky and with all rainbow colors they moved the hearts of the thrilled spectators. Amazed and touched the audience from all over the world listened to the sound of the top class music that played synchronously tot he water effects. An unforgettable and emotional fire work made of water and music that crowned the festival.

Bocatec supports the agency EDWARD´Z Hamburg, host of the ART WEEK Hamburg 2012 with a giant water, hydro shield. With 3500 liter water per minute our pump shot  the spectacular water shield into the sky on the small Alster lake. The mange artist Kanjo Také used the huge water screen for his pictures, that were projected by Bocatec as staged animations. At nightfall the colorful and pin sharp manga pictures excited the audience.

The 30 meter wide and 15 meter high water shield melted into the background setting of the Alster arcades to an unique scenery of the superlatives. For this big picture projection we used our Eiki-Beamer with 15.000 ANSI-Lumen. Despite rain, wind and surrounding light the back projection satisfied not only the artist. Art lovers and passerbys were attracted magically. For years Bocatec works together closely with artists. Because also multimedia shows or video projections are a kind of art and can’t be ordered off the peg. Creativity and another point of view belong to our business, like for the artists too.

No matter if art, pictures or videos – a combination with the element water is a highlight again and again.

On a warm late summer evening in September the water skiers and surfers at the Neuländer Lake were amazed. On their leisure time lake suddenly a 12 meter high and 30 meter wide water wall towered on the middle of the lake. Bocatec showed there together with its Partner Company Phoenix Show controller GmbH & Co. KG what is possible in terms of water projection nowadays.

The huge, reflecting water shield produced not only a surprising atmosphere but served also as an ideal projection surface for graphics, animated pictures and films. All this is just possible through the show and laser software Phoenix4. The interaction of water screen, RGB laser light and beamer (Eiki 15000 ANSI Lumen) results in extremely sharp graphics and color intensive pictures. Bocatec presented to the astonished water athletes what can be projected onto water. No matter if the presentation of company logos, a large-area photo show, an open air cinema or public-viewing on the lake in an extraordinary surrounding, projections on the water screen leave always a special and long-lasting impression. The ideal location for such a show is of course a waterski center like at the Neuländer See. If the weather is fine and the audience is relaxed after a long summer and surf day, the show on the water shield is the highlight of a perfect day.


With a big citizens party the city Düsseldorf celebrated on 13th September its 725th birthday. The biggest homeland club of the city – the Düsseldorf Jonges – brought a very special present to the city with the help of Bocatec. The german-japanese multimedia artist Kanjo Také projected his light artwork with manga figures onto a water shield in the fountain of the Hofgarten.

Fotos Mangafontäne-mangofontaene_kanjo_take-10
Fotos Mangafontäne-mangofontaene_kanjo_take-12
Fotos Mangafontäne-mangofontaene_kanjo_take-14
Fotos Mangafontäne-mangofontaene_kanjo_take-18
Fotos Mangafontäne-mangofontaene_kanjo_take-19
Fotos Mangafontäne-mangofontaene_kanjo_take-20

Solemn live premiere
At 19.30pm the trombonists of the Robert-Schumann-high school greeted the guests. Several speakers, thereunder major Dirk Elbers and the consul general of Japan, Kiyoshi Koinuma welcomed the audience. At 21pm then the water and light beams slowly rose in front of the “Jrönen Jong” in the Hofgarten spring. Then Kanjo Také projected his „dance of the divine heroes“ onto the 525m² big water screen together with alienated, spherical nature sounds. Therefor Také took protagonists in manga costumes on picture. This is a unique thin until now, he said. Also the 3000 guest haven’t seen something like that before and were thus overwhelmed and fascinated by the artwork.

The installation
Bocatec was occupied for 4 days with the buildup of the enormous water shield with 45 kW. The screen should extent over a maximum surface of 15m x 35m. 15tsd ANSILumen beamers in outdoor housing cared for the artistic illumination of the water wall.

Bocatec water-egg shined every night
Due to the huge excitement about the successful installation, the Jonges gave the city the artwork for pe4rmanent present in form of an egg-shaped water shield around the monument. Therefor the water egg was newly and fixed mounted after the celebrations and now shines in the evening hours in Düsseldorf.

The Bocatec range around water projections and more you discover here.


As a permanent present for the 725th city anniversary of Düsseldorf, the biggest homeland club of the city – the Dusseldorf Jonges – gave new, spectacular birth to the water monument “den Jrönen Jong”. Bocatec therefor wrapped the over hundred years old sculpture of the river god Triton into an egg-shaped water artwork.

Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-7
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-4
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-6
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-8
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-10
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-2

The „Jonges“ disproved with their extraordinary present that homeland clubs only know old traditions. The club with 2500 members thought for a long time about a suiting present for the jubilee of the city. The genius and original installation combines skillfully the closeness to the home city and artwork and is a great balancing act between tradition and modernity. The 3m high monument in the water basin at the end of the Reitallee was created in 1899 by Joseph Hammerschmidt and represents the river god Triton, who is interrupted by a hippy during his lunch. The Jonges would like to also raise the awareness of the other 70 monuments in Düsseldorf by trying out creative ways of presentation. The “Jrönen Jong” is now a perfect example for that.

The mega present
The „Jröne Jong“ inside the Hofgarten now stands in the middle of „fight of the fountains“ every evening. Around 80 water jets are arranged in a 6m circle around the monument. These jets are controlled by three pumps with 8KW power each and play with and against each other. The water beams can be continuously adjusted up to 7 m height. Through the loops of the water beams towards the middle a 5m high water egg comes out. Additionally the whole construction is illuminated by 42 LEDs a 180 Watt and shines in different colors. Under this water egg the “Jröne Jong” optically is virtually cleared away. The production enchants over 15 minutes long every spectator and is played in loop again and again.

Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-1
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-9
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-5
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-3
Düsseldorfer Wasserei-infiniti_carshow_web-6

The installation
The way to the finished artwork was thus long. First Bocatec had to measure the monument with the help of a rubber boat. The crown for the water supply and three LED lights were then mounted into the basin around the monument with a crane. Four full days Bocatec worked frenetically. The water circle had to have a diameter of six meter. The results satisfy and are an eye candy for all park visitors and passerbys. Bocatec is already looking forward to the next spectacular staging of further monuments.



Over 500 Rolls Royce dealers meet in February for a meeting in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The crowning finish of the several days event was an impressing, artistic projection made by Bocatec onto a huge water screen.

The guys of Bocatec came to Abu Dhabi for 4 days. After two days of buildup of water screen and extremely powerful beamers and the installation of the video software the projection could begin on day three. A challenge during the installation was the extremely low water depth of the spring of only 30 cm. Rolls Royce had ordered a special video artwork from video artist Kanjo Také. The symbiosis of art and the Rolls Royce world enchanted via the extraordinary water screen the dealers. For Bocatec it was already the third time to cooperate with Kanjo Také.

The location of this special event, the Emirates Palace, left no wish unfulfilled. The flagship of the famous Kempinski hotel group is the biggest and most luxurious hotel of the world. The pompous palace is a giant 2500 m long building with cupolas made of gold and oriental flair. For sure these days will be beard in remembrance of the Rolls Royce dealers.