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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Surfer astonished in front of water wall

On a warm late summer evening in September the water skiers and surfers at the Neuländer Lake were amazed. On their leisure time lake suddenly a 12 meter high and 30 meter wide water wall towered on the middle of the lake. Bocatec showed there together with its Partner Company Phoenix Show controller GmbH & Co. KG what is possible in terms of water projection nowadays.

The huge, reflecting water shield produced not only a surprising atmosphere but served also as an ideal projection surface for graphics, animated pictures and films. All this is just possible through the show and laser software Phoenix4. The interaction of water screen, RGB laser light and beamer (Eiki 15000 ANSI Lumen) results in extremely sharp graphics and color intensive pictures. Bocatec presented to the astonished water athletes what can be projected onto water. No matter if the presentation of company logos, a large-area photo show, an open air cinema or public-viewing on the lake in an extraordinary surrounding, projections on the water screen leave always a special and long-lasting impression. The ideal location for such a show is of course a waterski center like at the Neuländer See. If the weather is fine and the audience is relaxed after a long summer and surf day, the show on the water shield is the highlight of a perfect day.