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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Fantastic multimedia show for marriage

A high-altitude firework is not permitted? But you urgently want an imposing highlight?! The perfect alternative comes from Bocatec: a multimedia show! A good example composed Bocatec for a marriage on the Gut Pronstorf. Here we demonstrate once more how a perfect laser show let the feelings of happiness bubble up.

For the emotional show several laser projectors were applied (4x green, 4x RTI PIKO RGB 4, 1 x RTI Piko RGB 14, 1 x RTI Piko RGB 8), a bombastic fireworks on the ground with gold-silver fountains, 10 gold fountains and 8 Bengali fires. 20 Sharpy moving heads cared for the suiting light effects via W-DMX. Furthermore 8 fog machines, hazer including wind machines and 4 1500W stroboscopes were used. For the music we installed a PA unit with 4KW. For the software control of light, laser and pyrotechnics we applied the Phoenix4 ProPlus show controller with 7 Phoenix network cards.

Hochzeitsshow mit Laser- und Pyrotechnik from Bocatec on Vimeo.