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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Super laser show with water projection screen in hambourg

In Mai suddenly thunder, lightning and rain gathered inside the chamber of commerce in Hamburg – a thunderstorm of laser in front of a huge water screen. There was really tension in the air at this evening because an innovative middle class company presented its latest innovation to the 500 invited guests.

Laser show with water wall von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

The completely new developed product completes the broad competence range of the system supplier. Therewith the company does not only revolutionize the market within this division, but also exceeded all expectations with the fulminant laser show and the water wall in Hamburg.

Second show

Bocatec staged for the customer already the company jubilee in 2014. This time the customer wanted an 80 m² water screen for video projections in addition to the impressive laser show. Another challenge for Bocatec: finding the right music for the whole show, cutting and programming it synchronously to the show effects.

rofessional water and laser technology

After the first claps of thunder and lightnings a 10m wide and 8m high water screen spanned in front of the stage. It was recorded with videos from the backside with three 15.000 ANSI-Lumen video projectors. Five colored and illuminated water fountains shot from the stage up into the air. 13 RGB laser with all together 200W white light power, 6 fog machines, a MGD hazer, 20 sharpys and 8 SGM Q7 flood lights fulminated together with the selected music and got the audience in a flap. Bocatec controlled the whole show via the PHOENIX show controller. The trend-setting product and the futuristic show elements fitted perfectly together and thrilled the spectators of the laser and water show. The customer was very happy about the felicitous market entry.