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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

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The 15th august 2014 the air around Huangpujiang River in Shanghai burned. General Motors presented the latest member of the Cadillac family, the luxurious and sporty ATS-L limousine for young and successful customers. Bocatec powered the extravagant car presentation with event technics made in Germany.
Cadillac ATS-L launch Shanghai from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The 1300 spectators were quite amazed when the new Cadillac models speeded with squeaky tires below them, through

laser mazes

and around fire columns. The chinese Cadillac dealers and sales people traveled from all over China to Shanghai. Today the traditional company General Motors has more than 58,000 employees in China and offers with the brands Baojun, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Jiefang, Opel and Wuling the broadest spectrum of vehicles. 2013 General Motors sold almost 3.2 Millionen vehicles in China. No wonder that the the drive to this show was it worth for the guests.

Spezial construction for Cadillac show

Where usually the ships land and clear their goods on the banks of the Huangpujiang river, Cadillac built up an extra glass street, special buildings and audience tribunes. The location was planned so that the cars could drive below the visitors. In doing so the audience could see the cars through the glass floor. The side walls were aditionally raised during the show and gave free view on the spectacular Shanghai skyline.

ATS-L in action

For one and a half hours the Cadillac show thrilled the invited public and the curious onlookers with stunts, maneuvers,

fire and laser effects

The drivers of the new limousines, speeding up in only 6,2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, delivered an outdoor wiggly line race around fire columns and drifted in circles inside a 160 m²

laser maze

boxing ring. The race course was framed by over 600 moving heads and 800 running meter LED modules. But that was not the end: additionally dancers and singers performed in the indoor area. They were escorted by a

light and laser show

and the highlight: a

laser tunnel

out of the ground.

Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (1)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (2)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (3)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (7)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (9)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (10)

Technical innovation for optimal laser effect

For the Cadillac event Bocatec worked this time with an extrem amount of power only above and below the audience. Thanks to this innovative

laser arrangement

, the people were not blinded by the beams and the lasers were shown to advantage despite the light spectacle indoors and outdoors.

According to this Cadillac was very satisfied with the

bombastic car presentation


The Summer night shopping attracted thousands of visitors the 26th june to come to the city of Tulln. But not only the great program from 4pm on and the special offers in all the shops allured the mass, in the evening the biggest laser show of Austria „made by Bocatec“ thrilled the crowd completely.

„It was just so touching and even more beautiful than the laser show in Singapur“, explained an employee of the UNO at the main square to Harry Schinnerl, one of the organizers of the big event. Two politicians of the city made the event possible: Ludwig Buchinger (TOP) and Harald Schinnerl (TVP) spered no effort and animated 120 retailers and pubs to take part. It should be a „collective party of the Tulln people“. The overwhelming and positive feedback conceded the point that Tulln needs such a mega event from time to time. Besides the fire show, bull riding, large slide, goal wall shooting, bouncing castle, bagpipe players and a basketball show, in the evening the highlight and center of the summer night shopping got all the attention – the huge lasershow by Bocatec.

Preparation for the laser spectacle

Bocatec traveled from Hamburg to Lower Austria to build up the laser material in only 6 hours. The 8 RGB white light laser machines and the 6 outdoor fog and wind machines were put up in a blink with the help of a 30 m crane. The eve before the organizators got a taste, while the Bocatec pros tested the show. After that the summer night shopping could start.

And the show can begin

The district supervisor Andreas Riemer, who authorized the laser show on the main square was also present on site and saw with joy how the colored laser light dream rose up. The audience forgot their bargain buys and snips for seven minutes and stared stunned into the night sky of Tulln. Such a show nobody had seen before in this dimension. The expectations were surpassed by far. Visibly overwhelmed the summer night shoppers demanded more and loud „We want more!“ calls resounded over the square. Bocatec played of course again six minutes of the great show and enjoyed the good feedback. After the fulminant laser show the group „Wiener Wahnsinn“ played austrian pop music. This put the heated crowd into super mood to dance and sing. The dismounting was then done in lightning-speed, after 2 hours the Bocatec guys went home again – possibly record-breaking – like the show itself.

Bocatec supports the agency EDWARD´Z Hamburg, host of the ART WEEK Hamburg 2012 with a giant water, hydro shield. With 3500 liter water per minute our pump shot  the spectacular water shield into the sky on the small Alster lake. The mange artist Kanjo Také used the huge water screen for his pictures, that were projected by Bocatec as staged animations. At nightfall the colorful and pin sharp manga pictures excited the audience.

The 30 meter wide and 15 meter high water shield melted into the background setting of the Alster arcades to an unique scenery of the superlatives. For this big picture projection we used our Eiki-Beamer with 15.000 ANSI-Lumen. Despite rain, wind and surrounding light the back projection satisfied not only the artist. Art lovers and passerbys were attracted magically. For years Bocatec works together closely with artists. Because also multimedia shows or video projections are a kind of art and can’t be ordered off the peg. Creativity and another point of view belong to our business, like for the artists too.

No matter if art, pictures or videos – a combination with the element water is a highlight again and again.

On the occasion of the harbor birthday Hamburg 2012 Bocatec projected an animated lettering on the bow side of the ship Cap San Diego. Also due to this extraordinary XXL advertising, the “Cap San Disco” party was a huge success. More attention is not possible.

Besides the worldwide biggest ship launching ceremony with four AIDA ships and a giant firework, the HAEVENSDOOR event agency celebrated its 20th jubilee on the Cap San Diego. The invited guest, the rubbernecks and the passerbys could read on the ship wall that the DFB-final was broadcasted live inside the ship.

Thanks to this genius and inviting advertising, the party was a big success. According to the motto: „A wall is a screen“ Bocatec projected with selected video- and laser technics. In his case our RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser worked from a 70 meter distance. It is excellently suited for text lines and logo projections on large scale. From up to 300 meter distance a projection is possible. Pin sharp graphics and animations appear on any surface. Buildings are a perfect medium but also ships or mountains could be the target.

Could a message be displayed more titanic?

We proudly present the “laser harp” that now completes our portfolio.

The ProLight laser harp controller will transform your laser projector into an oversize and frameless full-color laser harp. This virtual light harp has instead of strings one or multi-colored laser beams, that can be played like a real harp. The various application possibilities of the laser harp controller convince. It can control audio or video events or play pictures or music.

That’s how it works
By interrupting one or several laser beams, optical sensors send the info to control system. These signals are then transferred via the MIDI-Out interface e.g. to a synthesizer, sampler, the sound card or via “MIDI to USB” interface to a PC. There the signals are turned to sounds, laser patterns or music. With the laser harp controller can thus be realized fascinating and breathtaking live shows.

And soon it starts…
Together with the software (Phoenix4 Live) the laser harp can be used to produce completely individual laser effects and patterns. Phoenix4 LIVE integrated therefor already a laser harp control, so you can start a live laser interaction and performance without any adjustments.

More info in the following demo:

When the bender gruppe celebrated its 10-year company jubilee in the chamber of commerce in Hamburg, the 450 VIP-guests were really amazed. Solemnly a 6 minute laser-multimedia-show opened the bombastic and unforgettable evening.

10 Jahre bender gruppe von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

The 29. May 2014 the radiology expert invited his 450 best customers and business partners to this high-class event. The bender gruppe supplies radiology stations in medical practices or hospitals e.g. with contrast medium, medical supplies, capital equipment and software. Furthermore bender offers technical, commercial and IT services around radiology. The bende group is active with its 150 employees in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and has more than 4.000 customers. Especially for the opening ceremony of the jubilee-evening Bocatec programed an individual laser show for the innovative company. All combined with uplifting music and additional pyro effects and video fadings.

2 days build up
During the 2 days build up the event professional installed 10 of its most modern laser projectors syestems and 12 Sharpy Movingheads for the suiting light effects. Two CO2 Dominator with 240kg CO2 cared for the right atmosphere and brilliantly visible, colored laser beams. The 24 m² big highspeed screen was projected via a video projector with 2 x 15.000 ANSI-Lumen.

Enthusiasm – the biggest praise!
The efford was really worth it. The bender group was exuberantly happy, having celebrated their 10th anniversary in such an unbeatable way and thanked Bocatec a lot for the professional work.

Infiniti presented its new models for the Chinese market on 29th of august 2013 in Chengdu. 250 „Top of the Top“ salesmen from China experienced the INFINITI night shortly before the car show. The superlative opening show started with an impressive 5 minute laser show by Bocatec and put the audience into best mood.


The Infiniti Motor Company Ltd. With its headquarters in Hong Kong was founded in 1989 in the USA by its Japanese parent company Nissan. The premium automobiles are successful in 50 countries especially in China and Russia. Within these premium cars crystalizes design, technology and performance of the future. Infiniti puts high attention to finesse and accuracy. Suiting this strategy Infiniti only works together with extremely powerful partners. The technical cooperation with the Formula1, the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team or extraordinary product presentations through artists of the Cirque du Soleil ® are two good examples. With Bocatec Infinity engaged then the laser expert from Hamburg.

And the countdown is on…
Just two weeks before the show Infiniti contacted Bocatec. Already next day Bocatec boss Boris Bollinger was sitting in the plane to Peking to talk with the customer about the details. With the words „Here you have the music – hurry up!” Infiniti confided the whole conception and creative works to Bocatec. 48 hours later – the bill was already paid – the preparation for the show was running. Another 4 days later 3 guys from Bocatec started (light designer, light technicians and laser technicians) and another 10 technical helpers on site started the 6-day installation for the whole light and laser show.

More than 60 spot moving heads and 40 washers had to be installed, 11 high-power lasers with more than 10-20W white light power each, 8 fog- and wind machines and 6 hazers were on board. The control was done by the PHOENIX Show control.  Parallel to the laser show videos of Infiniti were played on different screens which were synchronized via SMPTE-time code.

Clear the stage for…!
On Thursday evening around 19pm it was done. With enormous pressure of time and with artistic freedom a laser- and light show was created that almost stole the show from the Model series Q. Seven cars drove suiting to music and light on stage. The final did the Q50 on a street symbolized by laser beams that went far until the horizon. A nice reference to the Infiniti logo.

Feedback that anyone likes
„That was the best car presentation that our agency has ever seen!“ much better the feedback couldn’t have been after the show. But even better, the management of Infiniti liked the show so much that they congratulated Bocatec personally for the fantastic work. The management wanted to play the show again the week after on the trade show, but unfortunately there was no time left to install it there…some resources are thus not infinite. But the next order didn’t wait long. Inspired by the Infiniti show Buick-Cars from the USA engaged Bocatec. So in September Bocatec will present their cars in China.



The international automobile exhibition IAA in Frankfurt am Main is year after year the mega event of the industry. The producers outperform each other by presenting their latest models on the innovative trade show booth with dazzling presentation techniques. This year Bocatec assisted the big press conference from Audi on the 10th September and put the new models with a laser show on stage.

Audi did not just only book a simple trade show booth on the IAA, but build a huge separate 3.400 square meter trade fair hall on the area. The motto: „Audi turns the IAA upside down“ was here realized through a specular trade show construction and design. Inside the Audi hall a whole city grew from the ceiling. „This unique building invites you to look at the conditions for urban mobility from a different and unusual point of view“, explained Audi the architecture.

At 9 am in the morning the 20 minute press conference started with 1500 guests. The hanging city was illuminated suspense-packed with complex beamer projections. The complete show with video screens, light, sound and live acts was then professionally clocked. Bocatec supported the wow-effect with 20 lasers and 16 fog machines. Audi presented for the first time its A8 with matrix LED lights, the new A3 cabriolet as well as the show cars Audi Sport Quattro concept and Audi Nanuk Quattro concept. The show was broadcasted live around the globe and online. After this impressive start 800.000 visitors came to the Audi hall on the IAA. Bocatec was happy to take part in this mega event.