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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Bocatec presents the laser harp

We proudly present the “laser harp” that now completes our portfolio.

The ProLight laser harp controller will transform your laser projector into an oversize and frameless full-color laser harp. This virtual light harp has instead of strings one or multi-colored laser beams, that can be played like a real harp. The various application possibilities of the laser harp controller convince. It can control audio or video events or play pictures or music.

That’s how it works
By interrupting one or several laser beams, optical sensors send the info to control system. These signals are then transferred via the MIDI-Out interface e.g. to a synthesizer, sampler, the sound card or via “MIDI to USB” interface to a PC. There the signals are turned to sounds, laser patterns or music. With the laser harp controller can thus be realized fascinating and breathtaking live shows.

And soon it starts…
Together with the software (Phoenix4 Live) the laser harp can be used to produce completely individual laser effects and patterns. Phoenix4 LIVE integrated therefor already a laser harp control, so you can start a live laser interaction and performance without any adjustments.

More info in the following demo: