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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Sea of light and laser above Lower Austria

The Summer night shopping attracted thousands of visitors the 26th june to come to the city of Tulln. But not only the great program from 4pm on and the special offers in all the shops allured the mass, in the evening the biggest laser show of Austria „made by Bocatec“ thrilled the crowd completely.

„It was just so touching and even more beautiful than the laser show in Singapur“, explained an employee of the UNO at the main square to Harry Schinnerl, one of the organizers of the big event. Two politicians of the city made the event possible: Ludwig Buchinger (TOP) and Harald Schinnerl (TVP) spered no effort and animated 120 retailers and pubs to take part. It should be a „collective party of the Tulln people“. The overwhelming and positive feedback conceded the point that Tulln needs such a mega event from time to time. Besides the fire show, bull riding, large slide, goal wall shooting, bouncing castle, bagpipe players and a basketball show, in the evening the highlight and center of the summer night shopping got all the attention – the huge lasershow by Bocatec.

Preparation for the laser spectacle

Bocatec traveled from Hamburg to Lower Austria to build up the laser material in only 6 hours. The 8 RGB white light laser machines and the 6 outdoor fog and wind machines were put up in a blink with the help of a 30 m crane. The eve before the organizators got a taste, while the Bocatec pros tested the show. After that the summer night shopping could start.

And the show can begin

The district supervisor Andreas Riemer, who authorized the laser show on the main square was also present on site and saw with joy how the colored laser light dream rose up. The audience forgot their bargain buys and snips for seven minutes and stared stunned into the night sky of Tulln. Such a show nobody had seen before in this dimension. The expectations were surpassed by far. Visibly overwhelmed the summer night shoppers demanded more and loud „We want more!“ calls resounded over the square. Bocatec played of course again six minutes of the great show and enjoyed the good feedback. After the fulminant laser show the group „Wiener Wahnsinn“ played austrian pop music. This put the heated crowd into super mood to dance and sing. The dismounting was then done in lightning-speed, after 2 hours the Bocatec guys went home again – possibly record-breaking – like the show itself.