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Laser-Pyro-Show at Mercedes Benz family day in Harburg

The 2.500 employees of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bostelbek celebrated in june 2017 with good cause. The whole staff of the plat 68 and their families were invited to the big summer party. The crowning finish of the varied daily program was the genius laser and pyro show of the event specialist Bocatec from Hamburg.

The fireworks of colored, twitching laser beams and exploding fire fountains bursted out from the main stage over the amazed work force of the Harburg plant. Celebrated was the motto „Plant 68 – we build future“, because the plant in Bostelbek will play an important role in the entry of Mercedes into electromobility. Mainly electric rear axles and drive modules should be fabricated there. The giant summer party with live acts as the “Sportfreunde Stiller“ & „Max und Friends“ will for sure be treasured by the employees for a long time and give motivation and courage for the changes.

John Ment, the cult moderator of Radio Hamburg, heated on the crowd and counted down to the final laser show. Accompanied to bombastic music the 6 minute laser and pyro show started with sparkling fire elements. Bocatec also programmed a laser projection of the Mercedes logo, which shined uniquely beautiful like this. The team of Bocatec installed 5 high-power laser projectors and 6 GX-2-Flamer for the fire effects of the mega company event. A Piko 14 laser enabled the sharp logo laser projection. A top-class event, suiting a future-oriented enterprise!

The 17th of October 2015 the HanseMesse in Rostock trembled for the first time at the Electric Sea Dance Festival. The smaller brother of the big Airbeat-One Festival attracted thousands of party people to come to the biggest hall in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Together with Music Eggert, GoPlus1 and the light operator Sebastian Heise, Bocatec could set off a lot of fire, pyrotechnics, CO2, confetti and laser to make the crowd uproar.

Electric Sea Dance Festival Special Effects and Laser von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

The decision between the three dance floors wasn’t easy for the dance-crazy people. A total of twenty acts appeared on stage and on the turntables and revived the passed Airbeat-One summer. As headliners the megastar DJs “Fedde Le Grand” and “Moguai”were in the lineup. Another main act – “Headhunterz” made the crowd freak out. But what would the party be without the suiting light effects and a great surrounding show? Only the visual effects send the revelers to a higher party dimension.

Bocatec and other experts on site cared for this. Bocatec brought up the big guns with 40 watt laser equipment for a giant laser show. Pyrotechnics of course was also ready, over 150 pyro effects were shoot by Bocatecin the form of jets, comets and fountains. For fiery sixteen gas projectors produced shiny flame balls and hot flame columns . Fizzy CO2 Power Shots  by Magic FX took the cake. For the real festival feeling Bocatec fired masses of confetti and streamer all over the place into the cheering party crown. The confetti stadium shots were fully demanded. Music Eggert cared for the other light effects. Furthermore there was a huge LED screen. That is how event technics rocks: fire up a lot of special effects and celebrate a great show together with the worlds famous DJs.

Electric Sea Pyrotechnik von Bocatec
Bunte Lichter färben die Fassaden.
Bunte Moving-Heads färben die Feiernden.
Electric Sea Pyrotechnik von Bocatec
Viele lilafarbene Lichter beleuchten das Festival.
Lichtstrahlen vor der Show.
Das Publikum wird bedeckt mit rausgeschossenem Konfetti.
Grüne Laser schießen durch den Raum.
Blau-gelbe Laser beleuchten das Festival.
Electric Sea Pyrotechnik von Bocatec
Sharpys strahlen rot in alle Richtungen.
Flamer-Test vor der Show.
Unsere Flamer heizen die Stimmung noch mehr auf!
Weiße Lichteffekte bei der Electric Sea.
Co²-Jet-Test vor der Show.


In Mai suddenly thunder, lightning and rain gathered inside the chamber of commerce in Hamburg – a thunderstorm of laser in front of a huge water screen. There was really tension in the air at this evening because an innovative middle class company presented its latest innovation to the 500 invited guests.

Laser show with water wall von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

The completely new developed product completes the broad competence range of the system supplier. Therewith the company does not only revolutionize the market within this division, but also exceeded all expectations with the fulminant laser show and the water wall in Hamburg.

Second show

Bocatec staged for the customer already the company jubilee in 2014. This time the customer wanted an 80 m² water screen for video projections in addition to the impressive laser show. Another challenge for Bocatec: finding the right music for the whole show, cutting and programming it synchronously to the show effects.

rofessional water and laser technology

After the first claps of thunder and lightnings a 10m wide and 8m high water screen spanned in front of the stage. It was recorded with videos from the backside with three 15.000 ANSI-Lumen video projectors. Five colored and illuminated water fountains shot from the stage up into the air. 13 RGB laser with all together 200W white light power, 6 fog machines, a MGD hazer, 20 sharpys and 8 SGM Q7 flood lights fulminated together with the selected music and got the audience in a flap. Bocatec controlled the whole show via the PHOENIX show controller. The trend-setting product and the futuristic show elements fitted perfectly together and thrilled the spectators of the laser and water show. The customer was very happy about the felicitous market entry.



Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt
Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt
Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt

Lübeck, august 2012: On the occasion of the opening of the furniture store KABS in Lübeck Bocatec projected a guerilla marketing logo by order of the agency Orange Cube Werbeagentur GmbH. The projection was done with a Piko 14 RGB laser onto the holsten gate (Holstentor), the furniture shop Kabs and the roof of the Petri church.


On the occasion of the harbor birthday Hamburg 2012 Bocatec projected an animated lettering on the bow side of the ship Cap San Diego. Also due to this extraordinary XXL advertising, the “Cap San Disco” party was a huge success. More attention is not possible.

Besides the worldwide biggest ship launching ceremony with four AIDA ships and a giant firework, the HAEVENSDOOR event agency celebrated its 20th jubilee on the Cap San Diego. The invited guest, the rubbernecks and the passerbys could read on the ship wall that the DFB-final was broadcasted live inside the ship.

Thanks to this genius and inviting advertising, the party was a big success. According to the motto: „A wall is a screen“ Bocatec projected with selected video- and laser technics. In his case our RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser worked from a 70 meter distance. It is excellently suited for text lines and logo projections on large scale. From up to 300 meter distance a projection is possible. Pin sharp graphics and animations appear on any surface. Buildings are a perfect medium but also ships or mountains could be the target.

Could a message be displayed more titanic?

Unter dem Motto “Hamburg. Eine Metropole wird zum Erlebnis” präsentierte die Handelskammer Hamburg am 21. April 2010 in den Börsensälen wer und was Hamburg zu der TOP-Eventlocation macht. Bocatec zeigte dafür auf seinem Stand die neuste Laser- und Projektionstechnik.

Since 2004 Bocatec assists the Chamber of Commerce at this event with individual laser shows in HD quality. But this year Bocatec was present with an own trade show booth in the bourse rooms and surprised the visitors additionally with an invisible fog wall when they left the building. On the wall Bocatec projected pictures and logos and the guests had to go through these. Organizers and guest were excited about the possibilities of this magic projection surface.

On 30 booths the visitors made valuable customer and industry contacts between 15.30 pm and 20.30 pm. culinary specialties and a show program under the motto: Music in town“ framed the event. A part of the entry fee was donated to the foundation competitive sports Hamburg.

See a video of the fog wall and our logo projection here:

Lasershow Handelskammer Hamburg from Bocatec on Vimeo.

Our FOGWALL for the projection of your logo or video will excite your visitors.

Since September 2012 the Daming Palace in the Chinese Xi’an is daily the stage or a wonderful and educative laser projection. The laser pictures tell on five big screens the history of the Chinese kingdom to the spectators.


The Daming Palace was built in 634 during the Tang dynasty and was rediscovered 1957 and dig out on the Longshou level land. Back then the archaeological site was the biggest and significant palace complex of the city. Since 1961 the palace is part of the list of the monuments of the people’s republic of china.

Bocatec elaborated all graphic elements for the unique laser show at the historical place. On five around 900 m² big, hydraulic gaze screens (25 x 35m) that have been installed by Bocatec the historical highlights were projected impressively. Bocatec used 2,5 km of glass fiber cable, which shows the size of the show. Besides that, Bocatec implemented 4 10W Piko lasers and 2 20W RGB lasers. Six PHOENIX-network cards controlled the whole show smoothly.

A visit of the national heritage park is really worth it, more than ever with this amazing show. Bocatec feels really honored to present the Chinese history to all visitors of the Daming Palace in such a great form.

To put a logo oversized on house fronts, monuments, trees or mountains is always a great and catchy performance. Branding in XXL format reaches not only many eyes but also communicates the brand in a new and surprising way. Bocatec is pleased to realize those mammoth logo projections like this for the Gamescom in Cologne.

In august 2012 five days games, fun and excitement were the focus on the world’s largest trade show for interactive gaming and entertainment. By order of the agency Orange Cube Werbeagentur GmbH Bocatec projected advertising messages of a game producer on the walls at the water front near the Rhine. The dramatic guerilla action took around one hour. Applied were a Piko 14 and the software control Phoenix4 ProPlus show controller. A strong action with big effect, that Bocatec realizes for every brave brand.