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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Laser-Pyro-Show at Mercedes Benz family day in Harburg

Laser-Pyro-Show at Mercedes Benz family day in Harburg

The 2.500 employees of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bostelbek celebrated in june 2017 with good cause. The whole staff of the plat 68 and their families were invited to the big summer party. The crowning finish of the varied daily program was the genius laser and pyro show of the event specialist Bocatec from Hamburg.

The fireworks of colored, twitching laser beams and exploding fire fountains bursted out from the main stage over the amazed work force of the Harburg plant. Celebrated was the motto „Plant 68 – we build future“, because the plant in Bostelbek will play an important role in the entry of Mercedes into electromobility. Mainly electric rear axles and drive modules should be fabricated there. The giant summer party with live acts as the “Sportfreunde Stiller“ & „Max und Friends“ will for sure be treasured by the employees for a long time and give motivation and courage for the changes.

John Ment, the cult moderator of Radio Hamburg, heated on the crowd and counted down to the final laser show. Accompanied to bombastic music the 6 minute laser and pyro show started with sparkling fire elements. Bocatec also programmed a laser projection of the Mercedes logo, which shined uniquely beautiful like this. The team of Bocatec installed 5 high-power laser projectors and 6 GX-2-Flamer for the fire effects of the mega company event. A Piko 14 laser enabled the sharp logo laser projection. A top-class event, suiting a future-oriented enterprise!

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