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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik


The 1st November over 8000 dance-crazy people celebrated on 5 floors in the sports and congrass hall in Schwerin the 30th jubilee of the Pioneer Alpha Festival. Bocatec opened up the biggest indoor event of northern Germany with a fantastic laser show. 50 national and international DJs and Live Acts powered until 8am in the morning.
Opening Lasershow Pioneer Alpha 2014 by Bocatec on Vimeo.

Opening and Live-Laser-Show

Full-power-color laser projectors in combination with exciting fire and flame effects produced goose bumps atmosphere during the time and sound travel through 15 years of music history. 13 show lasers with around 250W white light power shined syncrounous to the music as laser show through the hall. 8 flamers with up to 7 m high flames and 4 high power CO2 shooters by Magic FX fizzled dramatically over the stage. The light was added by Sebastian Heise alias “LJ Shadow”, he supportet the Bocatec show quite well. Bocatec used its pro fog machines and hazers and wasted 120 liters of fog fluid, 600kg CO2 gas and 25 liter flame gas. Controlled was the whole programmed show via the Phoenix Showcontroller.

Historical Line-Up

Initiator of the Pioneer Alpha, the media consult Eventmanagement and the Ostseewelle HIT-RADIO Mecklenburg-Vorpommern prepared a time travel through music for the guests. The best acts of the last 15 years performed. Full 14 hours long the party crowd experienced electronic music of all styles. FRom modern EDM, House and Deephouse sound over Oldschool Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore up to Hands Up-Tunes all was in. In the huge main hall techno legends like Westbam, The Disco Boys, as well as the young wild “Gestört aber Geil” and the northern german House Rockerz, the Ostblockschlampen with their hot stage show thrilled the crowd. With the “old” hits” of Live Acts Northern Lite or Brooklyn Bounce the audience traveled back in time.
At 6pm Technoboy, Zany and the Rotterdam Terror Corps Formation started with finest Hardcore sounds. Legends like Tom Novy, Kai Tracid Marusha, Talla 2_XLC as well as Taucher and Mellow Trax continued. Further highlights were the bigger goa area, several drink specials, tombolas and the Pioneer DJ area for the young DJs.


Bocatec was happy about the big excitement of the organizer Mike Hasemann. A sea of celebrating and happy party guests enjoyed visibly the music and the multimedia fireworks made by Bocatec.

In 2014 GM presented in Shenzhen the new Chevrolet Cruze. In the university center re-build to a Chevrolet arena, Chevrolet showed its 1500 guests an one-hour spectacle in musical format. Bocatec surrounded the story of love, jealousy and cars with sensational laser effects.
Chevrolet Car Presentation from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The traditional enterprise Chevrolet, founded in 1911 by the Swiss race driver Louis Chevrolet, was taken over already 1918 by General Motors. For years the company fought neck and neck with Ford for the market lead. The Corvette from 1953 is until today the most successful American sports car. Also the butterfly wing shaped tail fins of the 60ies are unforgotten. In the beginning 80ies they cooperated with Toyota to become more competitive. Since2010 Chevrolet is the entry model of General Motors. Until 2016 Chevrolet will give up the business in Western Europe. In contrast the brand brings now new models o the Chinese market. Since 2009 over 1.1 Million Cruzes drive on the Chinese streets and make it to one of the most successful models on the market. The new version of the midsize sedan sets benchmarks for styling, efficiency and user-friendliness.

“Designed to Raise your Heartbeat”

The president of GM Shanghai, Wang Yongqing, expects that “ the new Cruze to appeal to younger car buyers looking for an exhilarating driving experience.” Already for around 14.000 Euro one can buy one of the seven new models in China, which are based for the first time on the global GM platform for midsize compact cars. European engineers tested and tuned the Cruze on Germany’s legendary Nürburgring. The global design team developed the Cruze within the new concept “Designed to Raise your Heartbeat”. Its short front and rear overhangs make the new Cruze dynamically compact. A fastback design enhances aerodynamics and fuel economy. The new Ecotech engine is quiet and saving. In Pearl White, Jazz Black, Street Grey, Metallic Silver, Magic Red and Crystal Blue the Cruze will give the Chinese a feeling of luxury and sportiness. In addition the Chevrolet MyLink 2.0 Infotainment system with Touchscreen, build-in apps, navigation, Driving Assist,active park assist und changing lanes alert system leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

3D mapping and laser action

The many new features of the Cruze were also the topic of the extensive show for market introduction. After divers speeches a huge semicircle gaze lift up and gave view of the skyline of Shengzhen and the great stage construction. The dealers and sales partners experienced the new models in front of 20m high tower constructions. The cars were projected on with 3D mapping. The huge towers were made completely of 6mm LED walls. Bocatec also installed nine 20W RGB lasers on the towers and framed the show. Four Bocatec pros built-up during four days MDG hazer, high power fog machines and laser projectors. At the live event the PHOENIX programmed show ran Show smoothly remote controlled via WLAN.

The Chinese audience was visibly touched and extremely thrilled by the show and also Chevrolet is already looking forward to the next model presentation with Bocatecs first-class show technics.

The 15th august 2014 the air around Huangpujiang River in Shanghai burned. General Motors presented the latest member of the Cadillac family, the luxurious and sporty ATS-L limousine for young and successful customers. Bocatec powered the extravagant car presentation with event technics made in Germany.
Cadillac ATS-L launch Shanghai from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The 1300 spectators were quite amazed when the new Cadillac models speeded with squeaky tires below them, through

laser mazes

and around fire columns. The chinese Cadillac dealers and sales people traveled from all over China to Shanghai. Today the traditional company General Motors has more than 58,000 employees in China and offers with the brands Baojun, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Jiefang, Opel and Wuling the broadest spectrum of vehicles. 2013 General Motors sold almost 3.2 Millionen vehicles in China. No wonder that the the drive to this show was it worth for the guests.

Spezial construction for Cadillac show

Where usually the ships land and clear their goods on the banks of the Huangpujiang river, Cadillac built up an extra glass street, special buildings and audience tribunes. The location was planned so that the cars could drive below the visitors. In doing so the audience could see the cars through the glass floor. The side walls were aditionally raised during the show and gave free view on the spectacular Shanghai skyline.

ATS-L in action

For one and a half hours the Cadillac show thrilled the invited public and the curious onlookers with stunts, maneuvers,

fire and laser effects

The drivers of the new limousines, speeding up in only 6,2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, delivered an outdoor wiggly line race around fire columns and drifted in circles inside a 160 m²

laser maze

boxing ring. The race course was framed by over 600 moving heads and 800 running meter LED modules. But that was not the end: additionally dancers and singers performed in the indoor area. They were escorted by a

light and laser show

and the highlight: a

laser tunnel

out of the ground.

Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (1)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (2)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (3)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (7)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (9)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (10)

Technical innovation for optimal laser effect

For the Cadillac event Bocatec worked this time with an extrem amount of power only above and below the audience. Thanks to this innovative

laser arrangement

, the people were not blinded by the beams and the lasers were shown to advantage despite the light spectacle indoors and outdoors.

According to this Cadillac was very satisfied with the

bombastic car presentation


The Summer night shopping attracted thousands of visitors the 26th june to come to the city of Tulln. But not only the great program from 4pm on and the special offers in all the shops allured the mass, in the evening the biggest laser show of Austria „made by Bocatec“ thrilled the crowd completely.

„It was just so touching and even more beautiful than the laser show in Singapur“, explained an employee of the UNO at the main square to Harry Schinnerl, one of the organizers of the big event. Two politicians of the city made the event possible: Ludwig Buchinger (TOP) and Harald Schinnerl (TVP) spered no effort and animated 120 retailers and pubs to take part. It should be a „collective party of the Tulln people“. The overwhelming and positive feedback conceded the point that Tulln needs such a mega event from time to time. Besides the fire show, bull riding, large slide, goal wall shooting, bouncing castle, bagpipe players and a basketball show, in the evening the highlight and center of the summer night shopping got all the attention – the huge lasershow by Bocatec.

Preparation for the laser spectacle

Bocatec traveled from Hamburg to Lower Austria to build up the laser material in only 6 hours. The 8 RGB white light laser machines and the 6 outdoor fog and wind machines were put up in a blink with the help of a 30 m crane. The eve before the organizators got a taste, while the Bocatec pros tested the show. After that the summer night shopping could start.

And the show can begin

The district supervisor Andreas Riemer, who authorized the laser show on the main square was also present on site and saw with joy how the colored laser light dream rose up. The audience forgot their bargain buys and snips for seven minutes and stared stunned into the night sky of Tulln. Such a show nobody had seen before in this dimension. The expectations were surpassed by far. Visibly overwhelmed the summer night shoppers demanded more and loud „We want more!“ calls resounded over the square. Bocatec played of course again six minutes of the great show and enjoyed the good feedback. After the fulminant laser show the group „Wiener Wahnsinn“ played austrian pop music. This put the heated crowd into super mood to dance and sing. The dismounting was then done in lightning-speed, after 2 hours the Bocatec guys went home again – possibly record-breaking – like the show itself.

The 24th july celebrated around 500 selected guests an exclusive party in the highest and for sure coolest bar of Hamburg – the roof terrace of the „heaven’s nest“. The clouds  – Heaven’s Bar & Kitchen engaged Bocatec for the heavenly party highlight that brough the sophisticated audience in enthusiastic mood.


Since october 2013 the ultimate location: 100m above the Elbe level on the 23rd floor of the “Tanzende Türme” and directly situated at the Reeperbahn, The clouds has an overall surface of 680 m². The top adress consists of the highest restaurant of Hamburg, a stylish bar as well as a hughe rooftop terrace – the “heaven’s nest”, on the 24th floor. The gorgeous panoramic view reaches far over the Elbe in the south, above the “Spielbudenplatz” until the “Michel”

Laser sky above Hamburg
Exactly here in the „heaven’s nest“ between the generous lounge with sun beds and the Moët ice bar the guests of the uppernest Vol1 party enjoyed a fantstic, donnybrook evening with a breathtaking special interlude by Bocatec.

On 10:30 am two big 25W Bocatec lasers started and enchanted the night sky above Hamburg with colored laser beams to shape a unique overall picture. The spectacle could be seen over many kilometers far beyond Hamburg.

Heavenly feedback
ERespectively the feedabck of the guest was hilarious: „Pure goose bumps feeling!“ , „More is not possible!“ or „Hamburg clouds & NEST on the same level like NYC, London, Shanghai, Moscow, Istanbul’s top hot spots”. Christopher Groß, Technical Supervisor of the east Group thanked Bocatec again the next day for the “successful and breathtaking production, the idea and the grand realization“. The owner Christoph Strenger, who managed also the Upper East, works already for many years with Bocatec and equipped his locations with laser systems.


Since 2002 the Airbeat One attracts more and more electronic fans to come to Neustadt-Gleve in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. From 17.-20. July 2014 also Bocatec was part of the sold out festival on the airport area amongst the 20.000 guests. Two nights long the Bocatec lasers let the party crowd freak out.


The Airbeat One is known and popular for its elaborate stage designs, great light shows and of course for its neverending lineup of top-acts from the techno and electro scene! Also 2014 the organizer Music Eggert engaged a brute array of stars of the electronic dance music: Tiësto, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Sebastian Ingrosso, Ummet Ozcan, Marcus Schossow, Danny Avila, Neelix, a showcase of Dusted Decks and Steve Aoki with his label Dim Mak. Headliner Tiësto rose from a scene pioneer to a worldwide superstar, he was elected “The Greatest DJ of All Time” by the Mixmag magazine and #1″ DJ by Rolling Stone. No wonder that the tickets were sold out in no time.


On up to 11 floors, open air and in circus tents the party crowd celebrated almost around the clock. But before the teriffic show could start, Bocatec was working a lot for the “Laser Beam Factory”. The head of the company Trang Bronsstaged a impressive lasershow, controlles by the software Pangolin Thousands festival visitors didn’t stop dancing and enjoyed the long party weekend in Neustadt-Gleve. Over 150 bottles of CO2 were shoot during the grand stage shows. 2015 the organizers plan already an enlargement of the Airbeat One – we are curious and will be in on it!

To this solemn, cultural and artistic extra class event international guests are invided who are enchanted by the entertaining top program. For several weeks the festival of colors touched its visitors with wonderful effects, performances and especially with its symphony of music and water fountains.

The latest high-tech water technics framed amongst others the events of the Oman Heritage and Cultural Village. Besides concerts and music acts there was also the international festival for arts & creativity, the Oman Food Festival, the Muscat fashion week and the traditional boat racing statt. Even a bike race, the Tour of Oman, is part of the festival.

The water fountains rose up to 70 meters into the festival sky and with all rainbow colors they moved the hearts of the thrilled spectators. Amazed and touched the audience from all over the world listened to the sound of the top class music that played synchronously tot he water effects. An unforgettable and emotional fire work made of water and music that crowned the festival.

The 22. June 2014 a very special bathing experience thrills the young and old visitors of the Baltic Sea Resorts in Damp. The new discoverer spa has some surprises to offer. On the ceiling of the indoor swimming pool Bocatec created as highlight a 3D polar sky, which can now be admired by everyone.

Polar lights in discoverer spa from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The modern discoverer spa does not only promise fun and action but also wants its visitors to discover the culture and nature of the Baltic Sea. For example the kids can experiment and research themselves in the adventure children’s pool. Several discovery, science and event cubes and a gorgeous view onto the real Sea invite to be amazed. Even the 29° degree warm inside pool is shaped like the Baltic Sea. A sauna Viking village with sprinkles of water on the heated stone, herbal and event actions, a 97 meter long slide with light projections and LED effects and the event catering for spa and sauna visitors leave no wish unfulfilled.

Polar light live and in color
Unique and the very special eye-catcher is the polar light on the spa ceiling. Surprisingly realistic the 3D polar sky enchants the spa guest. The complex laser projection was installed permanently by Bocatec for the discovery bath. Different polar sky variations were programmed. In the evening hours the polar light appears on the spa ceiling. A great idea. Bocatec wishes much success and thrilled discoverers.

Polarlight - Nordlight
Polar Projektion Schwimmbad
Laserhimmel Projektion