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Future Event at City Cube Berlin

In October 2017 more than 1000 top-class customers and retailers gathered in the City Cube Berlin. One of the leading producers of office technology invited his international high-potentials to the “European Leadership Campus” that was expected with curiosity. The impressive program with speeches, future workshops and the high-tech trade show came along with a fulminant show in the evening. Bocatec here realized the suiting elements around projection and light technics.

After so many new impressions during the conference day with the latest trends and future insights that was by far not all of it for the 1000 participants. Also the evening program offered further mind-blowing experiences for the invited guests. The gala dinner with inspiring cuisine took place inside a „Belin Setting“. Bocatec with four RTI Piko 14 cared for huge, highly modern graphic projections, that were shown on walls hat suddenly disappeared and gave view on the new products. Together with cool Hip Hop dancers, a sparkling, human mirror ball and the hot-blooded music band the event technics specialist from Hamburg delivered also an exhilarating Beam Show with 2x 23 Watt RGB. Like this even more magical moments arose for an unforgettable day and successful business partnerships.

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If you are looking for a special highlight for your marriage or your company jubilee, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. For small and mid-size companies or marriages Bocatec also realizes very effective lasershows within the lower price segment.

Klassische Lasershow im Zelt von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

In Hamburg a classic Bocatec lasershow, particularly famous for marriages, thrilled the guests in a 70, long tent. In collaboration with „Die Gestalter – Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG“ the laser show was tailored to the event. The event expert Brinkmann delivered furniture, tent, decoration, plats as well as light and sound technics for the big evening. He engaged Bocatec for the desired, unique lasershow.

The Bocatec team built up the five RGB laser projectors and fog machines in a flash. As quick and easy the build-up and teardown is made, so surprising was then the lasershow effect on the evening. The laser beams broke against the whole tent and put the guests into the right mood with the suiting emotional music.

Buchen Sie eine grandiose Lasershow auch für Ihr Event.
Schon mit wenig Aufwand verzaubern wir Ihre Gäste
Buchen Sie eine grandiose Lasershow auch für Ihr Event.
Schon mit wenig Aufwand verzaubern wir Ihre Gäste
Buchen Sie eine grandiose Lasershow auch für Ihr Event.
Schon mit wenig Aufwand verzaubern wir Ihre Gäste
Buchen Sie eine grandiose Lasershow auch für Ihr Event.
Schon mit wenig Aufwand verzaubern wir Ihre Gäste
Buchen Sie eine grandiose Lasershow auch für Ihr Event.
Schon mit wenig Aufwand verzaubern wir Ihre Gäste
Buchen Sie eine grandiose Lasershow auch für Ihr Event.
Schon mit wenig Aufwand verzaubern wir Ihre Gäste

In Mai suddenly thunder, lightning and rain gathered inside the chamber of commerce in Hamburg – a thunderstorm of laser in front of a huge water screen. There was really tension in the air at this evening because an innovative middle class company presented its latest innovation to the 500 invited guests.

Laser show with water wall von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

The completely new developed product completes the broad competence range of the system supplier. Therewith the company does not only revolutionize the market within this division, but also exceeded all expectations with the fulminant laser show and the water wall in Hamburg.

Second show

Bocatec staged for the customer already the company jubilee in 2014. This time the customer wanted an 80 m² water screen for video projections in addition to the impressive laser show. Another challenge for Bocatec: finding the right music for the whole show, cutting and programming it synchronously to the show effects.

rofessional water and laser technology

After the first claps of thunder and lightnings a 10m wide and 8m high water screen spanned in front of the stage. It was recorded with videos from the backside with three 15.000 ANSI-Lumen video projectors. Five colored and illuminated water fountains shot from the stage up into the air. 13 RGB laser with all together 200W white light power, 6 fog machines, a MGD hazer, 20 sharpys and 8 SGM Q7 flood lights fulminated together with the selected music and got the audience in a flap. Bocatec controlled the whole show via the PHOENIX show controller. The trend-setting product and the futuristic show elements fitted perfectly together and thrilled the spectators of the laser and water show. The customer was very happy about the felicitous market entry.



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Lasershow begeistert 5000 Pferde-Fans!

Die ausverkaufte Ostfrieslandhalle war am 31. Januar 2015 voll besetzt. Fast 5000 Zuschauer freuten sich in Leer über einen Show-Abend der ganz besonderen Art mit Strahlkraft weit über Ostfrieslands Grenzen hinaus. Dieses Jahr war die Lasershow von Bocatec das krönende Highlight der 4-stündigen Mega-Show.

Pferdegala von atemberaubender Lasershow gekrönt von Bocatec auf Vimeo.

Programm-Mix für Groß und Klein

Das Programm hätte locker auf mehrere Abende verteilt werden können. Der

Galaabend der Pferde

ist jedoch schon seit einigen Jahren ein Event der Extraklasse. Neben Pferdeflüsterer Jean-Francois Pignon trat Tiertrainerin Anne Krüger mit ihren indischen Laufenten auf gefolgt von Einradweltmeister Lutz Eichholz. In klassischer Dressur kamen natürlich auch die Pferde nicht zu kurz. Eine Hunde-Show mit den Space Dogs, ein Puppentheater, eine Pony-Verlosung und Musikeinlagen durften nicht fehlen. Ein wirklich bunter und vollgepackter Abend.

Eingesetztes Material

Mit fast drei Tonnen Material war die Gala auch für Bocatec ein Schwergewicht.

12 RGB-Vollfarblaser

, 4 Highpower Nebelmaschinen, 1 MDG-Hazer, 18 Flamer mit 8m Flammensäulen und diverse Pyrotechnik packten die Veranstaltungstechnik-Profis ein. Movingheads und P5 LED-Fluter, sowie der alles steuernde Phoenix-Showcontroller durften natürlich auch nicht fehlen. Drei Bocatec-Lasertechniker waren mit Aufbau und Show anschließend beschäftigt.

Endlich was für die Jungs!

Die viele Arbeit lohnte sich zum Glück wirklich. Die Gäste waren völlig aus dem Häuschen über die riesige Lasershow, besonders die männlichen Besucher waren begeistert. „Endlich mal etwas Tolles für uns Männer!“ meinte ein zu Tränen gerührter Zuschauer nach der Lasershow. Als Höhepunkt der gesamten Pferdegala wurde Bocatec gelobt. Der Veranstalter von World People hatte solch ein geniales Laserevent nicht erwartet und engagierte Bocatec prompt für das kommende Jahr als Lasershowexperte.

Since 1931 the real estate broker GUSTAFSEN & CO feels obliged to care for the hanseatic tradition. The enterprise deals with high-class city mansions, houses and freehold apartments. Bocatec enchanted the inhabitants of Hamburg in this winter already for the second time by the colorful illumination and laser snowing of the Villa Gustafsen.

Villa Gustafsen in snow from Bocatec on Vimeo.

In the city districts around the Alster (Harvestehude/Rotherbaum, Winterhude, Eppendorf, Uhlenhorst) as well as in the Elbe suburbs GUSTAFSEN & CO is a successful and good address for owners that want to sell their high-quality real estate. The traditional company also offers fair, personal and professional real estate management.

Within the pre-christmas period Gustafsen delights its customers and all passerbys now with a special

snow happening

. Starting the St Nicholas’ Day and running until the 26th of December the Villa Gustafsen will be snowed over with the help of four laser projectors by Bocatec. The flakes trickle made of light over the dignified face of the building as they were real. The

snow fun

takes place every evening from 4-10 pm. Additionally the villa is illuminated in shiny colors. A spectacle for old and young that brings in Christmas mood and makes the villa the sparkling center of the street.

Bocatec installed the technics so that the snow event runs completely without personal, thus self-sufficient and automatically.

Not only the staff and the management of Gustafsen are fascinated by the beautiful atmosphere, also the Hamburg people love the illumination made by Bocatec.



In 2014 GM presented in Shenzhen the new Chevrolet Cruze. In the university center re-build to a Chevrolet arena, Chevrolet showed its 1500 guests an one-hour spectacle in musical format. Bocatec surrounded the story of love, jealousy and cars with sensational laser effects.
Chevrolet Car Presentation from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The traditional enterprise Chevrolet, founded in 1911 by the Swiss race driver Louis Chevrolet, was taken over already 1918 by General Motors. For years the company fought neck and neck with Ford for the market lead. The Corvette from 1953 is until today the most successful American sports car. Also the butterfly wing shaped tail fins of the 60ies are unforgotten. In the beginning 80ies they cooperated with Toyota to become more competitive. Since2010 Chevrolet is the entry model of General Motors. Until 2016 Chevrolet will give up the business in Western Europe. In contrast the brand brings now new models o the Chinese market. Since 2009 over 1.1 Million Cruzes drive on the Chinese streets and make it to one of the most successful models on the market. The new version of the midsize sedan sets benchmarks for styling, efficiency and user-friendliness.

“Designed to Raise your Heartbeat”

The president of GM Shanghai, Wang Yongqing, expects that “ the new Cruze to appeal to younger car buyers looking for an exhilarating driving experience.” Already for around 14.000 Euro one can buy one of the seven new models in China, which are based for the first time on the global GM platform for midsize compact cars. European engineers tested and tuned the Cruze on Germany’s legendary Nürburgring. The global design team developed the Cruze within the new concept “Designed to Raise your Heartbeat”. Its short front and rear overhangs make the new Cruze dynamically compact. A fastback design enhances aerodynamics and fuel economy. The new Ecotech engine is quiet and saving. In Pearl White, Jazz Black, Street Grey, Metallic Silver, Magic Red and Crystal Blue the Cruze will give the Chinese a feeling of luxury and sportiness. In addition the Chevrolet MyLink 2.0 Infotainment system with Touchscreen, build-in apps, navigation, Driving Assist,active park assist und changing lanes alert system leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

3D mapping and laser action

The many new features of the Cruze were also the topic of the extensive show for market introduction. After divers speeches a huge semicircle gaze lift up and gave view of the skyline of Shengzhen and the great stage construction. The dealers and sales partners experienced the new models in front of 20m high tower constructions. The cars were projected on with 3D mapping. The huge towers were made completely of 6mm LED walls. Bocatec also installed nine 20W RGB lasers on the towers and framed the show. Four Bocatec pros built-up during four days MDG hazer, high power fog machines and laser projectors. At the live event the PHOENIX programmed show ran Show smoothly remote controlled via WLAN.

The Chinese audience was visibly touched and extremely thrilled by the show and also Chevrolet is already looking forward to the next model presentation with Bocatecs first-class show technics.

The 15th august 2014 the air around Huangpujiang River in Shanghai burned. General Motors presented the latest member of the Cadillac family, the luxurious and sporty ATS-L limousine for young and successful customers. Bocatec powered the extravagant car presentation with event technics made in Germany.
Cadillac ATS-L launch Shanghai from Bocatec on Vimeo.

The 1300 spectators were quite amazed when the new Cadillac models speeded with squeaky tires below them, through

laser mazes

and around fire columns. The chinese Cadillac dealers and sales people traveled from all over China to Shanghai. Today the traditional company General Motors has more than 58,000 employees in China and offers with the brands Baojun, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Jiefang, Opel and Wuling the broadest spectrum of vehicles. 2013 General Motors sold almost 3.2 Millionen vehicles in China. No wonder that the the drive to this show was it worth for the guests.

Spezial construction for Cadillac show

Where usually the ships land and clear their goods on the banks of the Huangpujiang river, Cadillac built up an extra glass street, special buildings and audience tribunes. The location was planned so that the cars could drive below the visitors. In doing so the audience could see the cars through the glass floor. The side walls were aditionally raised during the show and gave free view on the spectacular Shanghai skyline.

ATS-L in action

For one and a half hours the Cadillac show thrilled the invited public and the curious onlookers with stunts, maneuvers,

fire and laser effects

The drivers of the new limousines, speeding up in only 6,2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, delivered an outdoor wiggly line race around fire columns and drifted in circles inside a 160 m²

laser maze

boxing ring. The race course was framed by over 600 moving heads and 800 running meter LED modules. But that was not the end: additionally dancers and singers performed in the indoor area. They were escorted by a

light and laser show

and the highlight: a

laser tunnel

out of the ground.

Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (1)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (2)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (3)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (7)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (9)
Lasershow_Cadillac_Shanghai_2014 (10)

Technical innovation for optimal laser effect

For the Cadillac event Bocatec worked this time with an extrem amount of power only above and below the audience. Thanks to this innovative

laser arrangement

, the people were not blinded by the beams and the lasers were shown to advantage despite the light spectacle indoors and outdoors.

According to this Cadillac was very satisfied with the

bombastic car presentation