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Garage in Lüneburg celebrates multimedial

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On 4th April 2010 the Bocatec team rebuilt the club “Garage” in Luneburg completely for an event. In just two days Bocatec equipped the “Garage” with a stage rack made of truss with 3 RGB white and 4 green lasers, 16 moving heads, as well as video technics and flamers. To give you an impression, we kept some moments in moving pictures:

2009 international acts from London, Paris and Genève came to Luneburg to perform at a giant electro party initiated by The party event took place in the club Garage. Bocatec designed the stage setup and the light show of the evening.

Two 3 Watt RGB lasers completed the show. Artists like TokTok vs Soffy O, Play Paul and Chamberlain made the evening an extra class electronic night for the party crowd.

Regularly Bocatec supports the event location Vamos in Luneburg with laser shows and special effects. Every first Saturday of the month the Vamos invites to the party series “Optical Illusion“. In November 2012 the motto of the party was “Halloween Illusion”. Good reason for Bocatec to put the motto into eerie light effects.

A laser show (with 3 x PM 3200 Lasers) full of atmosphere changed the Vamos into an excitingly vibrating Halloween location. Additionally Bocatec projected with the Laser Piko 4 horrible scary motives onto a 4 x 5m gaze screen. Fog machines and bat confetti shooters completed the wild atmosphere. The location was crowded with dancing mummies, witches and zombies, which made party until the crack of dawn. Who missed the Halloween spectacle – here are some pics of the party night.

In February 2013 the new Frankfurt Club Moon 13 opened its dance floor in the former Cocoon Club. Bocatec was live on stage and flooded the opening party with a sea of laser beams.

The Moon13 excites the club fans with a fresh concept and a very motivated team. The „Facelift“ in combination with the Bocatec installation now brings fresh air to the club in the Carl-Benz-Strasse and combines old and new to a harmonious symbiosis. This is supported by four PM3200 laser projectors; their beams find every edge of the club thanks to 10 installed mirrors.

In the Moon13 one floor, called „MAIN“ is the heart of the club and provides electronic music. THE BAR offers mixed music and invites with snacks and drinks for a flirt. In the LUNA the guest listen to Ibiza house sounds and finally the MOON BAR is for chilling. All Mash-Up lovers and smokers like the ORBIT. The club can also be rented for private events.

Here the cut of the Moon13 Openings by Ali Farahmand

moon13 – Official Opening Video – THE 1ST NIGHT – HD from Ali Farahmand on Vimeo.

Regularly Bocatec is guest as technical partner in the club Vamos in Luneburg. With laser shows and special effects Bocatec equipped e.g. the club night  “Optical Illusion”.

For this special night Bocatec applied three RTI 14 lasers, two LED up foggers and a projection gaze for graphics in addition to the usual set-up. Here some pictures of the great party night.


Pictures by “Farbmotive Nightlife & Events

 „Muse. Inspiring the City.” – this motto is realized every day by one of the TOP clubs in China – the MUSE2. Seven days a week the clubbers are animated to dance wildly through the laser technics from Bocatec. The MUSE2 is crowded every night with more than 1300 guests – and Bocatec is right in the middle.

2013-08-23 China Installation-web-45
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-49
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-58
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-37
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-61
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-47

The MUSE clubs were founded by Hong Kong film star Carina Lau in 1994. In Los Angeles the first MUSE club was opened, since 2006 the party takes place in the MUSE2 inside the modern „Tong Le Fang“ complex in Shanghai. The MUSE2 is one of the first three best clubs in Shanghai. The famous location has two dance floors and is visited mainly by Chinese, Taiwanese and some Foreigners. The club mainly plays House and Hip-Hop, but also human Beat-Box-performances and dancers entertain the clubbers. Additionally concerts, fashion shows and private events take place.

The Party can start…
The breathtaking design is especially suited to the sophisticated and elegant party lovers of the area. Three Bocatec Piko14 RGB laser of the latest generation put the party floor of 1500 m² into right light. On a 4 meter wide fog screen above the dance floor is place for the projection of various films, pictures and logos. Thanks to the High-End 19“ PC systems with 17“ Touchscreen and the PHOENIX-Show controller the DJ has all lasers and the fog screen under control.

And for sure the next party will come:
The makers of the MUSE2 were thrilled how good the Bocatec installations completed the club atmosphere and cares for the special highlights of the evening. Bocatec was thus immediately engaged to care for great mood also in the other MUSE clubs. Because the Hamburg guys love to rock the lasers, they were very happy about this following order. Finally the MUSE clubs are the innovators in the club scene, their ideas and technics are imitated by other clubs often. Bocatec of course helps every club to attract more night owls. Because moths are drawn also to the laser light.

2013-08-23 China Installation-web-34
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-52
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-60
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-65
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-68
2013-08-23 China Installation-web-72

A very fascinating way of applying laser technics is the combination of the light beams with dancers. Suddenly the laser beam takes the center of a breathtaking show and becomes part itself of a surprising performance. This laser dance is so novel and seldom that every spectator is fascinated.

Dancing with the laser…
If laser and human are dancing together and influence each other, a symbiosis of the special kind develops. The laser can create rooms on the dance floor, build up walls and draw lines, where the dancer moves. A really impressive laser dance is also a product of a perfect choreography. The dancer has to move simultaneously to the music and the laser movements. For the illusion of complete control of the laser beam and the laser animations, the dancer has to touch and release the laser beam at the right time. Of course it’s also possible that the dancer deflects the laser beam with mirrors and creates new effects. Such a dance with the laser demands a lot dancing skills and full concentration. The laser intensifies or even emphasizes the movements of the dancer.

As a special highlight the laser dancers could be equipped with radio-DMX controlled hand lases in order to send out the beams themselves. Unique effects are possible.

If you are looking for an extraordinary dancing performance or if you envision a very special show act, a laser dance is our advice. The moves of live and laser in thrilling interaction haven’t been shown often in this form. For sure the dance with the laser is something new, that inspires and electrifies.


For the twelfth time in a row the leading trade show for scene and club gastronomy, the Discocontact took place the 12th October 2013 in Ibbenbühren close to Osnabruck. Bocatec presented its event technology and services to the industry experts and packed attractive complete packages for first-time-users and party pros.


The Discocontact is the annual branch event for clubs, DJs and music producers. On over 3000 square meters around the party temple AURA the club people meet since 2001. The trade show offers several tents and an exposition mix that meets all needs of the deciders of the scene gastronomy. Over the last years the Discocontact is really successful, more and more first-class exhibitors and visitors from Germany and abroad visited the trade show.

Bocatec is there to enable the visitors on the Discocontact and in their clubs to celebrate wildly and flashy in the future. A broad spectrum of disco lasers and projection technics with the full panoply of foggers, pyro technics and confetti-shooters up to control technics and a complete service package Bocatec is offering to the club operators. The owners of bars, clubs and discotheques were thus excited about the Bocatec trade show offers and visited the booth numerously. Next year on 14th October the next Discocontact will take place – Bocatec is looking forward to Discocontact 2014.