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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Optical Illusion on Halloween

Regularly Bocatec supports the event location Vamos in Luneburg with laser shows and special effects. Every first Saturday of the month the Vamos invites to the party series “Optical Illusion“. In November 2012 the motto of the party was “Halloween Illusion”. Good reason for Bocatec to put the motto into eerie light effects.

A laser show (with 3 x PM 3200 Lasers) full of atmosphere changed the Vamos into an excitingly vibrating Halloween location. Additionally Bocatec projected with the Laser Piko 4 horrible scary motives onto a 4 x 5m gaze screen. Fog machines and bat confetti shooters completed the wild atmosphere. The location was crowded with dancing mummies, witches and zombies, which made party until the crack of dawn. Who missed the Halloween spectacle – here are some pics of the party night.