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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Laser show on deck crowns New Year’s Eve cruise

The Dubai cruises of TUI Cruises keep their guests amazed all the time. In the middle of the New Year’s Event 2012 Bocatec set the highlight of the Mediterranean cruise and catapulted the 2800 celebrating ship passengers into the New Year with its crazy laser show.

In December 2012 “Mein Schiff 2“ cruised through the Persia golf and offered continuously surprises to all fellow passengers. Dubai, one of the most modern cities of the world impressed with its sky scraper panorama and the luxurious hotel Burj al Arab. At the coast of Oman in the harbor city Muscat the travelers felt the oriental atmosphere and also the emirate Abu Dhabi and the kingdom Bahrain enchanted with pompously palaces and  orient flair. After all these magnificent highlights the colored and opulent laser show from Bocatec was the crowning finish on New Year’s Eve. Because a firework was not allowed on site, Bocatec had to organize something really astonishing instead.

A laser show with 15 RGB-Lasers on the open sea is not very common. The wind on deck diffuses the necessary fog for the laser show in all directions. But no problem for the Bocatec guys. Thanks to the 8 high-power fog machines, the laser beams shined brightly in all colors at midnight on the open. The 2800 cheering guest on board were totally happy with their genius laser show and the great music and experienced a unique New Year’s Eve 2012.