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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Lasers beam to moon 13 Opening Party

In February 2013 the new Frankfurt Club Moon 13 opened its dance floor in the former Cocoon Club. Bocatec was live on stage and flooded the opening party with a sea of laser beams.

The Moon13 excites the club fans with a fresh concept and a very motivated team. The „Facelift“ in combination with the Bocatec installation now brings fresh air to the club in the Carl-Benz-Strasse and combines old and new to a harmonious symbiosis. This is supported by four PM3200 laser projectors; their beams find every edge of the club thanks to 10 installed mirrors.

In the Moon13 one floor, called „MAIN“ is the heart of the club and provides electronic music. THE BAR offers mixed music and invites with snacks and drinks for a flirt. In the LUNA the guest listen to Ibiza house sounds and finally the MOON BAR is for chilling. All Mash-Up lovers and smokers like the ORBIT. The club can also be rented for private events.

Here the cut of the Moon13 Openings by Ali Farahmand

moon13 – Official Opening Video – THE 1ST NIGHT – HD from Ali Farahmand on Vimeo.