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This multimedia show sets new standards! A mixture of highlights thrilled the invited guests of the LZN at the trade show NORTEC of the Hamburg Messe & Congress GmbH in Hamburg-Bergedorf.

Under the guest were members of the Hamburg senate and leading employees of the Hamburg trade fair. They all were delighted by the Bocatec show. Diverse moving-Heads and light spots illuminated the ShipLAS hall of the laser center north (LZN) and produced the right general mood before a “3D-Scan” of the LZN manager Prof. Claus Emmelmann started the laser show. More details about the event also in out RTL-Blog.

Bocatec understands how to combine the existing technology with the own show equipment to rock any event. Additionally to the existing Bocatec show technics were also used the cross laser cranes of the laser center. Thus a perfect symbiosis was created.

For the Hanse-Merkur meeting in the Hotel Estrel Berlin Bocatec motivated the participants with a multimedia show that perfectly fitted conference theme “GOLD”.

The spectacular laser show melted together with the moving video projections into an emotional show. The selected effects, like small and big flame columns harmonized with the music, so that this event will for sure stay in the memory of the participants. More than 600 employees of the Hanse Merkur insurances didn’t stop being amazed.

A multimedia show of Bocatec is the highlight of every event!

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Garage in Lüneburg celebrates multimedial

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On 4th April 2010 the Bocatec team rebuilt the club “Garage” in Luneburg completely for an event. In just two days Bocatec equipped the “Garage” with a stage rack made of truss with 3 RGB white and 4 green lasers, 16 moving heads, as well as video technics and flamers. To give you an impression, we kept some moments in moving pictures:

In February 2010 we thrilled the Victoria insurance (a company of the ERGO group) with an extra composed multimedia show for their employee distinction. In our video we can show you the dress rehearsal.

Our new project: “Loveshooting” will serve you with high-end photography and film art.

The Bocatec Team from Hamburg is part of a young and dynamic company that was founded in 2003. Bocatec is the melting pot of creative heads and ambitious makers in the area of high-quality photo shooting, filming and event technics.

No matter if image film, people photography or the complete technical service around a dream wedding – Bocatec cares for wedding photos, sound and music as well as for light and special effects or small fireworks.

We change your ideas into an event – hand in hand with you.
To fulfil your wishes we need to have a preliminary talk together with you to fix the individual event process in a real script.

So we are sure that your Loveshooting and the commitment of our team on your marriage or your event leads to the desired first-class results.

For further info visit the website of LOVESHOOTING

… We love pictures.

The 16th November 2009 the most modern synchrotron beam source of the world was brought online officially in the DESY. Bocatec escorted the inauguration ceremony with a multimedia show.

DESY is one of the leading accelerator centers of the world. Scientist explore the diversity of the microcosm with the huge DESY units – from the interplay of smallest elementary parts, the behavior of new nano material up to the essential processes between biomolecules.

Besides the minister for development, Annette Schavan, Desy director Helmut Dosch and around 300 guests also Bocatec was invited to the DESY celebration. We made the surrounding multimedia show. Symbolically the guests of honor started the color and light show to welcome Petra 3.


Press kid DESY

A high-altitude firework is not permitted? But you urgently want an imposing highlight?! The perfect alternative comes from Bocatec: a multimedia show! A good example composed Bocatec for a marriage on the Gut Pronstorf. Here we demonstrate once more how a perfect laser show let the feelings of happiness bubble up.

For the emotional show several laser projectors were applied (4x green, 4x RTI PIKO RGB 4, 1 x RTI Piko RGB 14, 1 x RTI Piko RGB 8), a bombastic fireworks on the ground with gold-silver fountains, 10 gold fountains and 8 Bengali fires. 20 Sharpy moving heads cared for the suiting light effects via W-DMX. Furthermore 8 fog machines, hazer including wind machines and 4 1500W stroboscopes were used. For the music we installed a PA unit with 4KW. For the software control of light, laser and pyrotechnics we applied the Phoenix4 ProPlus show controller with 7 Phoenix network cards.

Hochzeitsshow mit Laser- und Pyrotechnik from Bocatec on Vimeo.

Regularly Bocatec is guest as technical partner in the club Vamos in Luneburg. With laser shows and special effects Bocatec equipped e.g. the club night  “Optical Illusion”.

For this special night Bocatec applied three RTI 14 lasers, two LED up foggers and a projection gaze for graphics in addition to the usual set-up. Here some pictures of the great party night.


Pictures by “Farbmotive Nightlife & Events