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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Multimedia show of the superlatives for the LZN laser center north

This multimedia show sets new standards! A mixture of highlights thrilled the invited guests of the LZN at the trade show NORTEC of the Hamburg Messe & Congress GmbH in Hamburg-Bergedorf.

Under the guest were members of the Hamburg senate and leading employees of the Hamburg trade fair. They all were delighted by the Bocatec show. Diverse moving-Heads and light spots illuminated the ShipLAS hall of the laser center north (LZN) and produced the right general mood before a “3D-Scan” of the LZN manager Prof. Claus Emmelmann started the laser show. More details about the event also in out RTL-Blog.

Bocatec understands how to combine the existing technology with the own show equipment to rock any event. Additionally to the existing Bocatec show technics were also used the cross laser cranes of the laser center. Thus a perfect symbiosis was created.