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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Multimedia inauguration for Petra III in DESY

The 16th November 2009 the most modern synchrotron beam source of the world was brought online officially in the DESY. Bocatec escorted the inauguration ceremony with a multimedia show.

DESY is one of the leading accelerator centers of the world. Scientist explore the diversity of the microcosm with the huge DESY units – from the interplay of smallest elementary parts, the behavior of new nano material up to the essential processes between biomolecules.

Besides the minister for development, Annette Schavan, Desy director Helmut Dosch and around 300 guests also Bocatec was invited to the DESY celebration. We made the surrounding multimedia show. Symbolically the guests of honor started the color and light show to welcome Petra 3.


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