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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Top-class eye candy at Pioneer Alpha 2009

For the 25th jubilee of the Pioneer Alpha-Festivals in Schwerin the offer of highlights was bigger than ever before. Besides dance acts, special light shows and 4 floors where international artists of the electronic music gave their best, Bocatec presented its specially designed laser show and supported the biggest electro festival of north Germany with a laser line-up that is unique in Germany.

More than only lasers…
Bocatec not only moves its laser beams synchronously to the music, but composed own sequences in all colors and color intensities to a wonderful laser show. An eye candy for all guests. On the whole 126 Watt laser power was needed (2x 25 Watt RGB lasers, 2x 15 Watt RGB lasers, 2x 3Watt RGB lasers and 4x 10 Watt Green lasers) made the sports and congress hall glow and supported big artists like Ida Corr, Lexy & K-Paul, Tom Novy, Felix Kröcher, Deepack, Showtek and many more. All together made the crowd dance like crazy. The laser show was programmed with the Laser Software PHOENIX 3. For all who missed the evening, here some impressions.

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