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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Konica Minolta Wevolution starts with laser show in Barcelona

At the 25th October 2013 a Bocatec laser show opened up the European Leadership Conference 2013 for Konica Minolta. With the slogan: “Let’s wevolve our markets!” the leading IT service provider and specialist for document processes presented to his Europe-wide sales partners an exciting forecast of the future developments and product news inside the huge auditorium of the Convention Centers in Barcelona.


With its futuristically modern design architecture the Forum Auditorium as location fitted perfectly the occasion. The Suisse architects Herzog and DeMeuron planned the majestic blue triangle 25 m high and 180 m long. On over 25,000 m² over 3.000 Konica Minolta partners took a seat to learn about the future visions of Konica. On the 740 m² stage all hell was let loose thanks to Bocatec.

The „WEVOLUTION“ announced colorful and giant a new area of collaboration and togetherness between Konica Minolta and its partners. Future solutions for office and production printing and extended customer services were behind that. An illuminated giant therefore moved through the audience with the new message. Bocatec surrounded the impressive spectacle with a laser show. Afterwards Masatoshi Matsuzaki, CEO of Konica Minolta Inc. Talked about the new strategy.

Bocatec was present on site for the awesome opening show by order of the TLD planning group. Five days with two 14 watt Piko lasers in Barcelona. The software Phoenix live controlled the show. Bocatec is looking forward to the next  wevolution and likes to also advance together with Konica Minolta. Because the customers were highly satisfied, a repetition can come.