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To this solemn, cultural and artistic extra class event international guests are invided who are enchanted by the entertaining top program. For several weeks the festival of colors touched its visitors with wonderful effects, performances and especially with its symphony of music and water fountains.

The latest high-tech water technics framed amongst others the events of the Oman Heritage and Cultural Village. Besides concerts and music acts there was also the international festival for arts & creativity, the Oman Food Festival, the Muscat fashion week and the traditional boat racing statt. Even a bike race, the Tour of Oman, is part of the festival.

The water fountains rose up to 70 meters into the festival sky and with all rainbow colors they moved the hearts of the thrilled spectators. Amazed and touched the audience from all over the world listened to the sound of the top class music that played synchronously tot he water effects. An unforgettable and emotional fire work made of water and music that crowned the festival.

According to the motto “all good rises up” the dragons flew high up into the air at the eleventh international Dragon festival in Melle. As closure procedure Bocatec inspired the 50.000 spectators with a great fireworks and a laser show.


Many families with children came to let their dragons fly, but also huge, creative professional dragons started into the sky. On the whole 892 dragons flew over the sports airport Melle Grönegau e.V.. The dragon sports club Melle “Just stay up” organizes every two years since 1992 the huge dragon event. European and worldwide dragon experts travel there to take part in the event. The closing firework puts a colorful final on the sky.

Bocatec supports the agency EDWARD´Z Hamburg, host of the ART WEEK Hamburg 2012 with a giant water, hydro shield. With 3500 liter water per minute our pump shot  the spectacular water shield into the sky on the small Alster lake. The mange artist Kanjo Také used the huge water screen for his pictures, that were projected by Bocatec as staged animations. At nightfall the colorful and pin sharp manga pictures excited the audience.

The 30 meter wide and 15 meter high water shield melted into the background setting of the Alster arcades to an unique scenery of the superlatives. For this big picture projection we used our Eiki-Beamer with 15.000 ANSI-Lumen. Despite rain, wind and surrounding light the back projection satisfied not only the artist. Art lovers and passerbys were attracted magically. For years Bocatec works together closely with artists. Because also multimedia shows or video projections are a kind of art and can’t be ordered off the peg. Creativity and another point of view belong to our business, like for the artists too.

No matter if art, pictures or videos – a combination with the element water is a highlight again and again.

On the occasion of the harbor birthday Hamburg 2012 Bocatec projected an animated lettering on the bow side of the ship Cap San Diego. Also due to this extraordinary XXL advertising, the “Cap San Disco” party was a huge success. More attention is not possible.

Besides the worldwide biggest ship launching ceremony with four AIDA ships and a giant firework, the HAEVENSDOOR event agency celebrated its 20th jubilee on the Cap San Diego. The invited guest, the rubbernecks and the passerbys could read on the ship wall that the DFB-final was broadcasted live inside the ship.

Thanks to this genius and inviting advertising, the party was a big success. According to the motto: „A wall is a screen“ Bocatec projected with selected video- and laser technics. In his case our RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser worked from a 70 meter distance. It is excellently suited for text lines and logo projections on large scale. From up to 300 meter distance a projection is possible. Pin sharp graphics and animations appear on any surface. Buildings are a perfect medium but also ships or mountains could be the target.

Could a message be displayed more titanic?

The premiere of the Charity event Bowldays took place in 2011 in the bowling center Schillerpark in Berlin. The participants bowled for a needy cause. Bocatec motivated the bowlers with a laser show, to underline the importance of the event.

For the first time, several celebrities and sportsmen came together. Actors from „Anna und die Liebe“, „Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten“ as well as different sport bowlers played for the good cause. The revenue of the event was donated to the Björn-Schulz-foundation, who supports the children’s hospital “Sonnenhof”. Even though there were not only strikes on the bowling lane, the Bowlday 2011 was an unforgettable event for everyone, also thanks to the show by Bocatec.


The 24th April 2011 we supported the multimedia stage show of the Osterhammer in the “Schwerin sport and congress hall” with a set of 15 laser projectors with approximately 45W all-over power. Here you can see a small teaser until we will put the whole film and pictures:

Olympia 2010 in Canada and Bocatec is there too. The video shows our show around the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Have fun watching it!

Vancouver Opening Show Bocatec from Bocatec on Vimeo.

We are impressed and exited, the Laser show that is managed and prepared by our best buddies in Vancouver, starts in 5 Minutes. Boris Bollinger sends us some impressions from his iPhone.

This man is working allways in total routine 🙂

“Boris, we are facing one off the biggest events from Bocatec Event and Lasertechnic in this century – keep us informed.”