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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

New Year’s Eve-Mega-Laser-Show on „Mein Schiff 2”

For the second time Bocatec boarded the cruise ship „Mein Schiff 2“ for the turn of the year 2014/2015. TUI Cruises engaged the event professionals from Hamburg for a bombastic surprise New Year’s Eve performance. The laser show already thrilled more than 2700 people on the open sea in 2012. The complete crew and the ship vibrated over its length of 260 meter when Bocatec switched on the laser projectors.

Silvestershow Mein Schiff 2 von Bocatec auf Vimeo

The 29th December „Mein Schiff 2“ cast off from the harbor in Dubai to start the cruise through the Emirates. Until the 5th of January the captain navigated the jumbo through the Mediterranean Sea. Abu Dhabi was just one of the many spectacular landing points of the New Year’s Cruise. For the night before the 1st of January 2015 TUI planned something special for the cruise guests. Therefor the Bocatec team mounted all the show equipment of 1200 kg the day before in a heat of 35 degree. The stuff had been shipped via air cargo and ship to the location. The team installed 13 RGB

laser projectors

, 4 High-power

fog machines



and the

Phoenix show controller

. In addition 800m of cable were laid. But the show was not yet saved. The

laser show

was tested the night before at 3 am so that the guests won’t see the show. The tension didn’t even stop the 31st December, because the permit for the laser show was a long time coming. Finally at 6 pm the flight safety of Dubai gave the go-head for the

New Year’s Show


Shortly before midnight everyone cooperated: 26 sea miles away from Dubai the captain went to tailwind course, so that the fog machine could support the laser beams. The crew counted down to zero and the

laser show

banged the ship travelers into the New Year – much more beautiful than a firework. Also the perfectly warm weather spoiled the revelers with 25 degree. No wonder that the party boiled over until the early morning and the guest, full of positive energy and excitement will for sure talk about the

laser show of the year

for month.

To the delight of Bocatec the captain allowed film shots with a drone for the first time. A unique

New Year’s Eve laser show

on sea, what more could one want?