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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Celebratory harbour christmas opening

The christmas market opening in the Hamburg Hafencity became the right dramatic finish by Bocatec in 2014. The rousing ice skating show under the art direction of “Les Lionnes” gave the start signal for the popular christmas market goings-on. Bocatec framed the 8-minute show with suiting pyro technics and laser show.
Harbour christmas opening by Bocatec on Vimeo.

The spectators and invited guests inside the Audi lounge observed thrilled and magnetized the fascinating show on the ice. Light, dancers, ice and fire melted together to a total work of art. The ice skaters embodied good and bad in a very artistic way and danced to emotional music. The two days of technical building-up and programming were thus worth it – the audience was visibly enchanted by laser beams, fog, music and professional ice dance. On the whole 8 fog and wind machines as well as 7 laser projectors were on site. Some even glared with 25 Watt over 100m distance from the old Hafenamt across the Überseeboulevard to reach the ice stage. A very special opening show, that gives the christmas market in the Hafencity once more a cult status.