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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Spectator’s uproar on JUMP & RACE Opening-Show

The ADAC Jump & Race Masters attracted fans of ambitious motor sports and acrobatics from 25th to 26th January into the penny bank arena in Kiel (Sparkassen-Arena). The hall was sold out and the audience up roared due to the amazing Bocatec-Opening-Show of the motocross spectacle with laser, light and pyrotechnics.


Jump & Race Masters entertains
The crazy and breakneck action show takes place every year since 1987 in Kiel.  The mega event combines on two days JUMP (freestyle show) and RACE (super cross race) and offers the over 8000 spectators a well-stocked 4 hour program and nonstop entertainment at its finest. A terrific opening with big fireworks and a genius laser show with pyrotechnics by Bocatec heralded the show on both days.

Bocatec laser and pyrotechnics tops the show
Before the freestyler fly through the hall at the Forever Freestyle Motocross (FMX) with their breakneck jumps, Bocatec rocked with 16 lasers and around 200W white light power a breathtaking show. 16 flamers threw 8m high flames into the air next to 16 sharpys and divers other pyro and fire effects. The excited audiencecheered and was then in best mood fort he jumps of the top drivers from around the world.

A unique event full of power and action totally after our fancy. Or such crazy shows with flying motorbikes and spectator that jubilate and freak out, we love our job. We are looking forward to the next ADAC Jump & Race Masters 2015!