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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Multi-million dollar festival allures Katy Perry and Bocatec to Peking

The 11th January the Infiniti Brand Festival blew up all records in respect to event dimensioning. Pop star Katy Perry interrupted her promo tour for her new album „Prism“ and cancelled the Golden Globes to take part in the Infiniti mega event. At her very first performance in China she sang live as headliner for Infiniti her super hits. Bocatec was hired to rock the complete two hour show full of highlights with light and laser technics. A first league mission.

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China pulls ahead
In the meantime is clear: China booms. The country has uncountable dollar millionaires and Peking is even more expensive than Munich. Actually no wonder that the enthusiastic Chinese also take our breath with their events and top everything what we have seen before. Anyway, to experience this show live was plain folly- enormous, bombastic, simply „amazing“!
The car manufacturer Infiniti invited to its brand festival over 10.000 customers to the Peking national indoor Olympic Stadium. Furthermore he engaged Katy Perry and several Chinese super stars for the festival and invested in much technical finesse to put everything on stage. Already 10 TV teams buzzed around to broadcast the car show and the performances of the mega stars for the million spectators on the computer and TV screens at home. Bocatec coordinated the main part of the really opulent show technics for all the show.

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Extra portion technical delicacy
The array of technics, controlled by Bocatec was incomparable: 600 moving head lights, as well as over hundred other light effects were installed around the stage. 200 Watt white light laser power in 10 laser machines were mounted for the six laser shows with a lot effort flexibly and movable into the 30 meter high stage setting. 800 square meter big LED screens had to be recorded. Additionally six high-power fog machines and six hazers were used. The management of Infiniti and Katy Perry trusted Bocatec completely and passed over the responsibility for the whole planning and programming oft height and laser show. In the studio the Bocatec experts prepared the show before and let it then run via time code and the Phoenix show controller and two full size Grand MA2. All laser projectors were therefor equipped with WLAN radio link antennas because the cable path was to long with 400 meter each. The buildup took 5 days for the five Bocatec guys and several helpers on site.

That Infiniti didn’t take half-measures also for details shows also this mind-blowing gimmick: Around the main stage swam 8 artificial tall swans on lake surfaces. Every swan was manually remote controlled each by one Chinese. As final surprise the Infiniti Logo in maxi format (4 x 6 m) rose from the two meter deep water basin. Unfortunately such technical extras almost disappeared in European shows.

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The Brand Story
The Infiniti Motor Company Ltd. Is very successful in China with its premium cars and wants to transport values like freedom and emotion. The core message of Infiniti was developed as story consequently over the whole brand festival. A giant mask in the middle of the stage stood symbolically for the mask that everybody puts on in working live and day to day life. You have to save your face, you pretend, you are cool and unemotionally without evident feelings. Infiniti wants to take off this mask from its customers and help them to get out of themselves. Infiniti itself proves with its bombastic festival that it is able to realize big plans and that fun and game blast every limit. The mask broke into pieces during the show and was thus defeated by joy, innovation and fantasy. Katy Perry performed her top hits “Roar,” “Teenage Dream”, “Unconditionally”, “Part of me” and “Firework” in changing costumes and showed an impressive stage show. Other stars like Jane Z, Chris Lee and Jimmy Lin sang their hits, dancers, show acts and speeches rotated on stage. The audience experienced the brand Infiniti and the latest models innovational and emotionally through spectacular entertainment.

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Infiniti loves quality
Infiniti made it with this mega festival, it set new benchmarks and everyone in China now keeps an eye on the company. That is why Infiniti needs extremely powerful partners for its events. Katy Perry, the formula one and the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team or the artists of the Cirque du Soleil ®, Infiniti looks for event partners who make everything possible, step beyond and extravagate. With Bocatec Infiniti thus booked for the second time the expert for event and laser technics from Hamburg who realizes every vision. Infiniti was deeply impressed by the show made by Bocatec and plans already the next events with the laser specialist. The marketing department of Infiniti now even uses the pictures of the laser show for further promotion in different media. We look forward to the next amazing show with Infiniti.

Infiniti Brand Festival mit Katy Perry und Bocatec von Bocatec auf Vimeo.