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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Bocatec realizes shiny trade show booth on Prolight + Sound

From 12th to 15th March the international music and event industry met in Frankfurt on the Prolight + Sound 2014.  In this mecca of event technology with over 2000 exhibitors from 57 countries it was not easy to stand out and attract the visitors with one’s booth. Bocatec planned and realized a shiny and representative trade show appearance for the INV Group ad Destilan with an extra light and laser video show.

Destilan Messestand Prolight & Sound
Destilan Messestand Prolight & Sound
Messestand Prolight & Sound
Messestand Prolight
LED Matrix

Bocatec took over the construction of the whole booth, integrated over 150 light effects and programmed especially for the booth a suiting light show. Thus Destilan could present its products in an appropriate surrounding. The Destilan Deutschland GmbH was founded in 2005 as importer and distributor for the German market. The company offers value for money and quality musical instruments, PA- and light technics. As part of the international operating INVMUSICGROUP Destilan reacts flexibly and quick to the demands of the market.

On the international leading trade show for event technology also Destilan has to show what is technically possible. The industry gets a general overview of the products and services of event technics and system integration here. To this unique innovation show do not only belong audio, light, stage and media technics, but also music instruments. Especially the event industry with an annual turnover of 3,5 bn Euro is well off, a positive driver hereby is the high innovation potential. Service providers like Bocatec have to deal with the latest technologies all the time in order to design the best event shows for their customers in the end.