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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

50 minutes to go until the Olympic opening show in Vancouver

Tension rises for Boris Bollinger, the main Bocatec responsible for the laser show at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. The company Bocatec cares for the area around the Vancouver Art Gallery, one the main meeting points and event locations during the Olympics. Two times a day the laser software Phoenix, developed by Boris Bollinger, starts an imposing laser, light, pyro and video show to celebrate the Olympic Games 2010.

I just talked to Boris Bollinger, who is already one week on site in Canada, to get his statement, He reported that everything is scheduled and running perfectly. The preparations of the Olympic staff were well organized. The coordination of helpers, material and problem solving is on a high level. ”We are really looking forward to the Olympic games in Sotschi 2014”.

After exchanging the most important facts for the next shows in China and Dubai, Boris greeted the Bocatec Team in Hamburg. Now the laser show in Vancouver will need his full commitment.
The whole team is now excited and waiting in front of the screens to the great show they all planned and worked out together for the last four weeks. Via Skype Boris send us a victory sign and disappeared to rock the show in the control center.

Preview Opening Laser show Vancouver Olympia