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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik


Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt
Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt
Foto Ulf-Kersten Neelsen frlokkabs  Holstentor von Möbel Kabs angestrahlt

Lübeck, august 2012: On the occasion of the opening of the furniture store KABS in Lübeck Bocatec projected a guerilla marketing logo by order of the agency Orange Cube Werbeagentur GmbH. The projection was done with a Piko 14 RGB laser onto the holsten gate (Holstentor), the furniture shop Kabs and the roof of the Petri church.


According to the motto “all good rises up” the dragons flew high up into the air at the eleventh international Dragon festival in Melle. As closure procedure Bocatec inspired the 50.000 spectators with a great fireworks and a laser show.


Many families with children came to let their dragons fly, but also huge, creative professional dragons started into the sky. On the whole 892 dragons flew over the sports airport Melle Grönegau e.V.. The dragon sports club Melle “Just stay up” organizes every two years since 1992 the huge dragon event. European and worldwide dragon experts travel there to take part in the event. The closing firework puts a colorful final on the sky.

Since May 2012 the visitors of the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin in the Sony Center are enthusiastic about an adventurous, new laser game. Target of the game “Maze Mission” by Interactive Lasergames is to overcome a laser course without touching any beam.

The NINJAGO®  – world within the LEGOLAND contains now the laser course of Interactive Lasergames. Maze Mission puts young and old to the test. Through the laser game everyone can test his skills as a ninja and become (master of Spijitzu”.

Do you know what LASER stands for? Light Amplification Stimulated Emission Radiation. And good to know: laser swords do not exist in reality. The beams cannot bounce from each other. You don’t believe us? So try yourself by testing Maze Mission!

Laser Adventure Legoland Discovery Center Berlin from Bocatec on Vimeo.

Bocatec supports the agency EDWARD´Z Hamburg, host of the ART WEEK Hamburg 2012 with a giant water, hydro shield. With 3500 liter water per minute our pump shot  the spectacular water shield into the sky on the small Alster lake. The mange artist Kanjo Také used the huge water screen for his pictures, that were projected by Bocatec as staged animations. At nightfall the colorful and pin sharp manga pictures excited the audience.

The 30 meter wide and 15 meter high water shield melted into the background setting of the Alster arcades to an unique scenery of the superlatives. For this big picture projection we used our Eiki-Beamer with 15.000 ANSI-Lumen. Despite rain, wind and surrounding light the back projection satisfied not only the artist. Art lovers and passerbys were attracted magically. For years Bocatec works together closely with artists. Because also multimedia shows or video projections are a kind of art and can’t be ordered off the peg. Creativity and another point of view belong to our business, like for the artists too.

No matter if art, pictures or videos – a combination with the element water is a highlight again and again.

On the occasion of the harbor birthday Hamburg 2012 Bocatec projected an animated lettering on the bow side of the ship Cap San Diego. Also due to this extraordinary XXL advertising, the “Cap San Disco” party was a huge success. More attention is not possible.

Besides the worldwide biggest ship launching ceremony with four AIDA ships and a giant firework, the HAEVENSDOOR event agency celebrated its 20th jubilee on the Cap San Diego. The invited guest, the rubbernecks and the passerbys could read on the ship wall that the DFB-final was broadcasted live inside the ship.

Thanks to this genius and inviting advertising, the party was a big success. According to the motto: „A wall is a screen“ Bocatec projected with selected video- and laser technics. In his case our RTI PIKO RGB 14 laser worked from a 70 meter distance. It is excellently suited for text lines and logo projections on large scale. From up to 300 meter distance a projection is possible. Pin sharp graphics and animations appear on any surface. Buildings are a perfect medium but also ships or mountains could be the target.

Could a message be displayed more titanic?

Congress Center Hamburg: BOCATEC sponsored a great multimedia show for the Meet Hamburg 2012. The Meet Hamburg is THE congress of the event industry. With more than 600 participants from all over Germany and 28 famous referents the sector met and upgraded.

With 8 RGB lasers of 1,6 Watt to 14 Watt, impulsive pyro acts and divers moving heads BOCATEC changed the hall G in the Congress Center Hamburg in a sea of laser and light.

The opening procedure became thus the highlight of the congress and assured an imposing and motivating start.

Only few participants and organizers were previously informed about our plan, so the show was really a surprise with WOW effect for everyone.

The show details:

  • Show programming synchronous to music via our Phoenix show controller software
  • 8 RGB lasers: 4 x 1,6 Watt RGB, 2 x 3,2 Watt RGB, 1 x 7 Watt RGB, 1 x PIKO 14 Watt RGB
  • 22 x Moving-Heads
  • 2 x Shock-FOG fog machines
  • 1 x Hazer
  • 2 x blower “thunder whistle”

Bocatec attended the marriage trade show in Kiel on 11th and 12th February as Loveshooting. Contacts  and basis for further cooperation with partners was were made. Loveshooting is THE supplier of high-end marriage films, image films and Photography.

Barbara Reuscher (Marketing & Sales Loveshooting) and our boss Boris Bollinger were ready for all questions of the interested visitors. On Sunday Dennis Richter supported them (Marketing & Sales BOCATEC). From 11th to 12th February Bocatec was present at the marriage trade show in Kiel for our subsidiary company Loveshooting . Here new contacts were made and the basis for future cooperation was built. As THE supplier for high-end marriage films and photography and image films, Loveshooting was of course not missing on the fair.

For the first time a completely new-designed booth was applied. The dark appearance of the last years, due to the “Lovebox”/Photo booth is now history. So we became the eye-catcher in the first row with an innovative, bright, inviting and friendly booth. Selected decoration and knowingly simple furniture draw the view of the visitors to the most important thing – our marriage films.


On Monday the 23rd January 2012 the team of RTL Nord visited our offices to document our workflow and competences in multimedia projects. RTL followed all steps of a successful event preparation. So our team was joined in different scenarios and surroundings while doing its work.

From the first meeting and the brainstorming over the concept phase and the bid proposal up to the completed presentation at the customer the RTL team filmed us for two days. Hereby we provided our skills and know-how in all areas of the laser-, light- and pyro technics.

Using the example of the opening of the ShipLAS hall of the laser center Nord LZN we sketched at a mutual brainstorming in the team our concept. Boris Bollinger, manager of Bocatec committed himself for the concept in front of the management of the LZN and proved once again his imaginativeness and his negotiating skkills.

Of course Bocatec is nothing without its competent team. Exactly this symbiosis of trained and motivated colleagues is the USP of Bocatec. And so the show was a huge success.

The guests and employees started a thunderous applause, many hadn’t ever seen such a show before. Also the senate of Hamburg liked the show a lot. Hamburger. The evening with the fantastic show was a perfect final with a good preparation.