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LED Fogger

Led Nebelmaschine "Upfogger"

Led Nebelmaschine “Upfogger”

The special effect of a fizzy fog fountain is the business of our LED fogger. The shiny fog columns shoot into the room in all rainbow colors. Our LED foggers contain therefor the latest fog technology. The fog output can be adjusted either upwards or towards the front and reaches up to 8m far.

Technical data of the LED Fogger:

– 1300W heating element

– “quick-stop-technology”
– 24 x 3W LED spots directly at the fog output
– 16 million colors possible! Additionally strobe and color programs
– divers automatic programs and fading adjustable
– fluid sensor; unit switches off if tank is empty
– 4 minutes pre-warming phase
– weight: 9kg, dimensions: 341 x 345 x 194mm

Control via:
– DMX-512, 8 channel, 3-pin & 5-pin connections (!)
– Additional remote control
– fog button directly on the unit