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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

CO² Jets

Bocatec price and effect overview

You can find all information off the current rent prices here.

CO2 effects

CO2 jets get all attention when their sizzling fountains shoot surprisingly into the air. Besides they have a cooling and refreshing pyro effect. The CO2 fog fountains can also be used with a multicolored RGB LED illumination and make your show the special highlight.

Rent CO2 for your event or festival

MagicFX Rental Pool

We can offer all Magic FX CO² effects. Chose your special effect from one of Germanys biggest CO² rental pools.

CO² Jet, 180° degree steerable

Here the output jet can be moved via DMX around 180°. The CO² Jet can be controlled via 2 DMX channels. The output height/width is around 6 meter.

High-power CO² Jet with LED illumination

These jets create a super stage effect! The CO² output is surrounded by 24 x 3W LEDs and colors the CO² fountain. The output height/width is around 8 meter.

Our MagixFX CO2 effects

CO2 Gun

Co2 Gun
High power outpout directly shot out of your hands.

CO2 Dominator

Co2 kanone mieten
5-in-1 effect! 5 single shot fountains in different directions chosable or a bundled shot with all 5 outputs. Output up to 20m!

CO2 Power Jet

Co2 power jet mieten
Single shot with high output about 20m

CO2 Jet

co2 jet mieten
Single shot effect with high output. (8-10m)

Pictures of our CO2 effects

Clubbing with CO2 is wonderful