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Laser System RTI PIKO RGB Series


The laser RTI PIKO is a very compact laser system in a sealed cube housing of only 25 cm edge length.

The laser PIKO is available with an incredible power of up to 14W – Full Color RGB! Or, as single-color setup with up to 24W power!

Imagine taking you whole show equipment with four projectors in just one case with you. This small unit is not only powerful but also completely IP54 sealed!

The PIKO laser units can be configured easily through the multifunctional and removable remote control pad: the basic settings of the whole system can be adapted completely.
Of course even or smallest units are controllable via LAN, DMX, ILDA, SD-Card or automatic mode. Also W-DMXTM is available upon request.

All single-color PIKO laser are equipped with coherent OPSL Taipan modules!

These projectors are also available with CT-6215HP scanners with original Big Boy drivers!

General information
The RTI PIKO series, which is completely made in Germany offers high performance and quality. The projector has a very compact housing with IP54 protection. Equipped with CT-6210HP SE scanners, the units work with a scan speed of up to 90kpps at 4° and a maximum scan angle of up to 80°.

Application fields

The RTI PIKO series offers a lot of application possibilities. For medium sized clubs, discotheques, bigger events (indoor or outdoor), up to commercial presentations or TV productions. Especially notable are the precise graphics, the PIKO series can project.

Laser RTI PIKO G10 rental

Technische Daten:

  • Overall performance:    10W
  • Power green:    >8W/532nm – OPSL
  • Laser Class:    4
  • Operation modes:    ILDA
  • Scanner:    CT-6210HP SE – up to 90kpps@4°
  • Scan angle:    80° max.
  • Beam data:    ca. 2.8mm/
  • Specialities:    remote control
  • Power supply:    85-250V AC 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption:        300W
  • Dimensions:    250/250/250mm (L/B/H)
  • Weight:    13kg

Laser RTI PIKO RGB 4.0 rental

Technical data:
  • Overall performance:      3.500mW – 4.000mW
  • Power red:       >1.000mW/640nm – Diode
  • Power green:    >1.000mW/532nm – DPSS
  • Power blue:      >1.500mW/445nm – Diode

Laser RTI PIKO RGB 6.0 rental

Technical data:
  • Overall performance:      ca. 6.000mW
  • Power red:         2.000mW/640nm – Diode
  • Power green:      2.000mW/532nm – OPSL
  • Power blue:       2.000mW/445nm – Diode

Laser RTI PIKO RGB 14.0 rental

Technical data:

  • Overall performance:    ca. 14.000mW
  • Power red:         2.000mW/640nm – Diode
  • Power green:    10.000mW/532nm – OPSL
  • Power blue:        2.000mW/445nm – Diode