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Bocatec Lasershows und Eventtechnik

Laser PM-3200

This high power laser inside an extremely compact housing is strictly equipped with all central functions of a professional show laser system:

Technical data:

Laser class:       4Pure_Micro_-_front-left
Operation modes:     ILDA

Overall performance:     2.320mW – 3.200mW
Power red:        > 320mW/638nm – diode
Power green:     > 1.000mW/532nm – DPSS
Power blue:      > 1.000mW/445nm – diode
Scanner:                 Xscan galvos 50kpps@4°, 35kpps@8°
Scan angle:          60° max.
Beam data:          ca. 3mm/<1.0mrad

Specialties:     control dial for x-/-adjustment and color balance on backside
Safety:     laser safety according to DIN EN 60825: Interlock via ILDA, extended ccan fail safety
Accessories:     external power pack, operating instruction
Power Supply:     externally 24V DC >5A, 85-250V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption:     180W
Dimensions:     185/165/125mm (L/B/H)
Weight:     2,5kg

The latest high-end SwissLas modules are used as laser diodes. Typically the Pure Micro units are equipped with the new Xscan, CT scanner are available as upgrade. The swiss made diode modules use the advanced beam shaping technique and special collimation of SwissLas – that guarantees a very high beam precision and a smooth beam profile. No matter if you want to perform graphical projections, beam shows or professional promotion projections – the Pure Micro units work on a highly professional level.

PM Rückseite

All Pure Micro units have their regulator lever on the backside. So scanner position and the three single colors can be individually balanced directly on the housing. The whole unit is constructed according to the Sealed Housing Technology and is cooled by an external cooling element. The control of the unit is made via the professional ILDA interface.

The extremely small housing (18,5 x 16,5 x 12,5cm) and the light weight makes these laser units very flexible: Just take several Pure Micro units into your air baggage and fly to your laser show around the globe. Of course the Pure Micro units are constructed according to the latest standards and additionally equipped with advanced scan fail safety.